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If it floats, we have a way to carry it. From kayak racks to surf board and SUP carriers, there’s a range of options to get you water craft to the water.

Float On: Types of Water Mounts


Carries the boat on its edge, leaving more room on the rack for gear.


Carries the boat flat, the way it sits on the water.


Specifically designed to carry surfboard and SUPs.

Load Assist

Lends a helping hand to ease the loading of your boat or SUP.


Low profile, the canoe tucks snuggly into the angled brackets.

Kayaks: Two Ways to Carry


Great for carrying more than one boat. Takes up less roof space. Best for smaller boats made of durable material.


Delivers the best support and protection for one boat. Great for heavier fiberglass kayaks and canoes.

When You Carry More Than Boats


J-Cradle works for kayaks of all kinds: whitewater, sea, recreational (sit-on-top and sit-inside). Its vertical carry position leaves more room on the rack for gear.

For Heavy Kayaks


Saddle mounts are great for carrying longer kayaks. Some mounts, such as HandRoll, feature built-in rollers for easy loading. For fishing boats, the BigCatch is ideal, thanks to its whopping 150-lb capacity.

Need a Little Help with the Lifting?

Load Assist

Relieve the stress on your back by opting for a Load Assistance mount. Perfect for those who are wary of loading a boat over their head.

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Can I carry e-bikes?

Nulla et vehicula ligula. Curabitur fermentum turpis porttitor vulputate va.


Can I carry e-bikes?

Nulla et vehicula ligula. Curabitur fermentum turpis porttitor vulputate va.



Sometimes a weekend getaway calls for more gear. With the added space from a roof rack and the right boat mount, you can fit more than you think up top.

All Out Anglers

As the story goes, reeling in big fish calls for bigger boats. With the addition of an EasyRider trailer to your rig, you'll leave no gear behind.

SUP and Surf

No matter the shape, length, or the fin count we have the easiest solution for carrying boards down to the beach or up to the lake.

Load Assist

Lifting a boat or SUP over your head can be a little intimidating. We have solutions to help you out.

Temporary Roof Rack

A temporary solution for lasting adventure. Easy to install, remove, and store away.