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When it comes to a multi-sport adventures, start at the top—of your vehicle, that is. A roof rack offers a world of options for carrying gear, but first you need to find the right fit. Building a system of bars, towers and attachments just takes a little fine tuning. We’re here to guide you through it!


We help you answer the age-old bike rack question – should I carry it up top or on the back? Watch and learn as we dive into different options for both and discuss what’s best for your bike, your vehicle, and your type of trip.

Types of Roof Racks

Traditional Roof Rack

Organize and store your gear. Attach Yakima mounts to carry anything from Kayaks to Rooftop Tents.

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Platform Rack

Carry more gear with a higher weight rating. Attach more accessories for off grid travel.

Roof Platform Rack

Building a Complete Rack System

Roof Rack On Car Illustation

Attaching to the Vehicle

Your vehicle’s roof determines how the roof rack is attached. This is done using our specially engineered towers and attachments. Don’t worry, we’ve already figured all this out for you. Use our Fit Configurator to fit your vehicle.

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Attaching Your Mounts

Crossbars are how you attach gear mounts. Here’s where you get to make some choices: We offer four crossbars of various finishes, colors, and weight ratings to fit your needs.. Compare Crossbars.

Vehicle Roof Type

Roof Type

Take it with You, Easily

Traditional Roof Rack

When it won’t fit, or you don’t want it inside, a roof rack system allows you to carry almost anything: boats, bikes, wet gear, even a tent. You can swap out mounts to fine tune your rack for what you want to carry. Whatever you drive—big car, little car, truck or van—there’s a system that will work for you.

Go Heavy-Duty

Platform Roof Rack

Build-out your vehicle into a true adventure rig with a LockNLoad Platform roof rack. Increased gear and load capacity means you can go farther and stay longer. These attach to your vehicle in one of two ways: directly to existing roof rack crossbars using LockNLoad Crossbar Clamps, or directly to Timberline or SkyLine towers with the LockNLoad SL Adapter.

Dial in the Details with Accessories

Roof Rack

Beyond the wide range of mounts, key accessories can upgrade your rack experience. Consider a WindShield Faring to help reduce wind noise and drag, and the SKS “same key system” enables you to securely lock all of your Yakima products with a single key.

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Can I carry e-bikes?

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Can I carry e-bikes?

Nulla et vehicula ligula. Curabitur fermentum turpis porttitor vulputate va.