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Hook any funky-top-tubed bike to a mast-style hitch rack with the TubeTop. Installs quickly and securely to seat post and stem to create a faux-top-tube so your bike mounts solidly to the rack. Large molded collars are gentle to your bike's finish. 45lb capacity.

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Product Details


Product Details
  • Adapter that makes your bike compatible with most mast-style hitch racks
  • Installs quickly and securely to your seat post and stem to adapt a wide range of bikes for transport
  • Keeps your bike mounted solidly on single and dual arm mounts
  • Oversized diameter tubing and anti-rotation inserts for greater stability
  • Large molded collars are gentle with your bike stem and seat post
  • Bike Capacity: 1 bike weighing up to 45lbs.
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  • No Assembly Required
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      Bike Adapter Tube

      Solid & well built

      Carl Johnson
      Works Fine

      I was skeptical, but to my surprise this thing works pretty well. It's easy to install/remove and makes my wife's small bike easy to mount on the hitch rack. Admittedly, I do take the extra precaution of strapping the seat post and stem to this adapter, but that's just because I've always been a rather cautious fellow. Regardless, I highly recommend this thing. It has turned what was a hassle into a very simple task.

      Truck Drivin Miggi
      Great product!

      The Yakima top tube adapter is great man! Used it to mount up my little girls specialized bike on a Yakima Double Down bike rack and it worked perfectly!

      Good enough

      Yakima makes quality products and this is no exception. Well-engineered and well made. There' heft and durability when you carry this thing around. It's not like some cheap knock-offs with a bungee cord holding the thing together. The only caveat is the little knobs that release the handles can be tricky at times to release (sometimes it's easy and other it's not). Overall you will feel more confident that your bike are using these if you have a hard time loading your bike.


      Works well on some bikes, but not on Trek women's step-through. It's too long and does not retract enough to lock on Treks. I bought it on clearance at major retailer with no returns, so I feel like I can make use out of it, but if you have a Trek...think twice and measure!

      Tubetop - worked but wasn't sure initially

      I wasn't sure this was going to work since Tubetop did not tighten around either post nor did the telescoping portion tighten at correct width. It did however create the horizontal bar effect needed once placed on my Thule Raceway Pro and along with all the sturdy straps on rack held my Townie in place firmly. Tubetop seems to work great but don't be shocked when you go to fit this and the above happens. Bottom line is - it works.

      awesome product

      This product is so great. I was little disappointed when I couldn't fit my bike on the bike rack we had just bought. After I bought this product and found how easy it was to use I was super excited. Everything we bought from Yakima has been very durable and easy to use. this tubetop has been the easiest product to use. I have never been happier with anything else when it comes to hauling our bikes. It is just what we were looking for. I plan on buying a second tubetop for when I need to bring a friend's bike along.

      The only thing that would fit Kingjoe3

      Note that one side is bigger than the other (less noticable) and the larger side is for the stem. The only issue I have is that one side attaches to the seat post. That is the one and only design flaw. Should the seatpost become undone during transit, then I will be dragging my bike behind me with one side attached to the rack. Though I do not see this happening to me, as I have a seat that is bolted on, users beware and ensure your seat post is tight. Furthermore, I find that it is necessary to tie teh bike with the extra straps or it will "roll" in place.

      Telescoping feature doesn't lock

      Did the job in fitting my girlfriends mountain bike to a rack that wouldn't carry the bike otherwise and it seems sturdy. However, I was a bit surprised to discover the telescoping feature doesn't lock-off to fit the bike snugly, which seemed odd to me. I didn't notice it affecting the transporting of the bike at all, so I guess it's not a big deal...

      Great accesory

      My Stumpjumper FSR won't fit on my rack so I purchased this accesory, it is just great. I use it also on my hardtail and I think it is much easier and safer using it than hanging the bike from the frame.