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SideBar, Short Bed

Side Rails For Overhaul HD And Outpost HD

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The SideBar heavy duty side rails increase the utility of our OverHaul HD™ and OutPost HD™ truck rack systems with more carrying space. Available in two size options and a telescoping design, it’s always a perfect fit. The full-length T-slot and 100-lb. capacity make it easy to attach more accessories and gear. Now you can customize your Yakima truck rack system to securely handle a wider range of outdoor fun.

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Product Details

SideBar, Short Bed

Product Details
  • Fully adjustable, heavy-duty side rails attach to OverHaul HD and OutPost HD truck racks
  • Customizes the OverHaul HD and OutPost HD truck racks by expanding gear-carrying capacity
  • Engineered aluminum construction delivers serious strength without weighing things down
  • Holds up to 100 lbs. of gear and accessories—great for heavy items like fuel and water
  • Integrated T-slot makes it easy to attach and remove Yakima truck accessories
  • Adjustable from 36-64"
  • Available in short-bed and long-bed lengths
  • Sold in sets of two
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SideBar, Short Bed

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 11 reviews

      Get it together Yakima. Im tired of hearing about the shipping issues. Waited 6 months for my Overhaul and now I can't get accessories!? You all have had two years to figure this stuff out. S^&% or get off the pot.

      Michael Aubin
      Back Order update

      Finally spoke with a Yakima rep. The Short SideBars are not discontinued and are expected in stock again May-June 2022.

      Michael Aubin
      SideBar back order date

      Purchased my a Yakima OutPost rack for my Gladiator over several other options with the intention to add the SideBars to complete the system. After reading the below reviews, I’m now worried these SideBars may never exist which means The rack I purchased is no longer going to meet my needs. Any update from Yakima would be greatly appreciated.

      I want to give you money

      What’s the deal? I’d like to finish my set up, waiting over a year. Perhaps you should change your pictures of the HD rack not to include the side bars. It’s kinda false advertising if the rest of your system isn’t ever available.

      Dawson St. Julien
      When will these be in stock?

      Are these discontinued? All my local shops and your website have been out of stock for over a year.

      Where are the side bars?

      I bought the Yakima Overhaul HD rack system and have been waiting for months to add the side rails. They haven’t been available anywhere. If you’re no longer going to offer them, say so. It’s very disappointing that Yakima isn’t supporting this system.

      Robert Davis
      Your brand is not only what you say and do. But also what you don't say.

      Purchased my HD rack in April this year. Sidebars have been nonexistent without any communication from Yakima about projected availability. I own the roof tent system and the HD rack. over $2100 investment in Yakima and the perceived reputation. Rethinking and wondering if they will continue to support their overland-type products. Without any general communication from Yakima, they must not care. If they are stuck on a ship say so. If they are ordered and in process, please say so.


      Yakima, I chose your company over the other one based on your reputation. However, now that I have a partially completed rack it sucks having to wait for the side rails that should’ve come with the set up in the first place. I’m staying loyal to your company. Please get the side rails up and out for sale as quickly as possible. Thank you

      Sidebar short bed

      When will the short bed sidebars be available? I can’t find these anywhere? I would like to have them for the truck bed rack that I just purchased.

      Jesse Luna
      SideBar, Short Bed

      I purchase mine on Amazon just waiting for my Accessory gear