ShowCase 15

Premium 15 Cubic Ft. Cargo Box

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Aerodynamic design with clean, high-gloss modern styling - the ShowCase 15 elevates the cargo box. Sized just right for weekends with friends, everyday urban traverses, and short road trips, this midsize box is ideal for wagons, cars, and CUV's. The dual-sided opening makes access easy, and ergonomic hardware makes install a breeze.
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Product Details

ShowCase 15 Quicksilver

Product Details
  • 15 cubic feet of cargo space is an ideal fit for smaller vehicles, wagons and CUVs
  • High-gloss automotive quality finish highlights a distinctively modern aesthetic
  • Dual-sided opening provides quick and easy access from either side of your vehicle
  • Easy, intuitive push-button latch holds tight to keep gear safe
  • Internal lid stiffeners improve hatch durability, ease opening and closing
  • Tapered tail provides excellent tailgate clearance
  • Maximum Ski / Snowboard length: 180 cm
  • Also available in Anthracite color
  • Fits round, aerodynamic, factory and square crossbars
  • SKS Locks included for added security
  • Made in the USA
  • High quality parts
  • WARNING for California Consumers
Product Specs
  • Weight: 56.00 lbs.
  • Dimensions: L 80.00 in x W 36.00 in x H 14.50 in
  • Minimum Crossbar Spread 24.00in
  • Maximum Crossbar Spread 34.00in
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
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ShowCase 15 Quicksilver

Installation Details
  • No Assembly Required
  • 10 Minute Install
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      Customer Reviews

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      It Leaks!

      It leaks, and not how you'd expect. First, I have to recognize that Yakima makes no claims to any cargo box being water-proof. The lack of lip sealing and the fact that these boxes are subjected to driving rain at highway speeds should lead one to expect slight water intrusion; wind-blown rain water is bound to drive its way around the edges of the lid and into the interior. However, my leak did not happen in driving rain. Instead, it was during a casual rain shower while the box was sitting in my driveway. I think anyone would reasonably expect the inside of the box to stay dry under those conditions. I eventually discovered that the rain water was dripping through some rivets. I discovered this when the box was only a few weeks old. A Yakima representative said to simply apply a bead of silicone around the leaky flange. I couldn’t help but wonder why Yakima didn’t seal these points during manufacturing. The rear flange is very difficult to reach. Accessing the underside of the rivets, where the water seeps, is impossible (I attached images to a review at Amazon). Regardless, putting silicone inside (and past the point of water entry) didn’t seem like the best way to address the leak. I decided to try a bead of silicone on the outside of the rivets, which didn’t work. The rivets appeared to be peeling as I removed the silicone and cleaned the area with isopropyl alcohol… very strange. Upon further inspection, I discovered that the rivets are made of plastic. Plastic rivets without sealant of any sort is certainly a disappointing feature on a cargo box that sells for nearly $700. I wound up gluing a cover over top of the rivets in question. Sadly, more rivets are leaking now that the box has spent more time on the road even though it's still just four months old as I write this review. The only dry rivets in the lid are the ones I covered with the emblem. The next flaw took longer to discover. Each time we stopped during a recent 1800-mile road trip, I noticed that the rear of the lid had lifted to expose the base. I shifted some cargo around to make sure that the luggage wasn’t pushing up the lid. After a few shifts of luggage with no change in lid behavior, I speculated that the airflow created at higher speeds was lifting the lid, much like the lift of an airplane’s wing. I proved my theory after our trip by taking the empty box on a short drive. The lid remained planted at 65 mph, the speed at which most of my initial testing happened. Once out of town and exceeding 70 mph, the lid lifted into the position shown in the attached photos. Does the SkyBox or Yakima's competition boxes behave this way? I will create some sort of clip or retainer to hold the rear edge closed at highway speeds. Not having owned a cargo box before, I cannot grade this box on a curve that compares it to its predecessors or competition. Instead, I’m inclined to rate it “three of five stars” simply because I think a $700 box should stay closed and use sealed hardware that doesn’t leak. I considered returning it (Amazon is great!), but shipping such a large object would be a complete hassle, especially since the shipping box was long-gone by the time I discovered these problems. Instead, I will slowly change hardware and seal water entry points, something that Yakima should have gotten right in the first place. As for noise and aerodynamics, the Showcase is not a silent box, but I tend to believe its noise signature is as good or better than older designs. Therefore, I’ll keep it and fix the things about it which do not satisfy me. My other niggles are very minor: The cutouts on the bottom of the box suggest that the mounting claws could be capable of wider adjustment. However, they're still quite restrictive. It would be nice to be able to slide the box rearward just a few more inches or adjust for a wider crossbar spread. The gloss finish looks nice from a distance, but reveals minor imperfections in material. I don't fault the plastic for having a tiny dimple or two, especially near the rivets. But I think a matte finish would have concealed this. Also, something I noticed when using the box on my trailer, sunshine glare is really bad! Sure, I don't see it when the box is on my roof, but fellow drivers are bound to be affected when the sun's angle is just right. Again, not a huge problem, but a matte finish would resolve this. I chose Yakima because I have other Yakima products which have their SKS cores. I chose the Showcase over the less expensive SkyBox because I was certain that their improvements over the years yielded what would be the best box on the market. I really want to like the ShowCase more, but it's hard for me to accept that the competition also produces leaky boxes that don't stay completely closed. Scott

      Fits 2008 Outback Wagon

      The rear hatch of my 2008 Outback is able to open completely with the Showcase 15 on the factory rack. There it is, stated definitively. Had it for a week. So far I am completely pleased with it.