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Sandy feet, dirty paws, and mud slung bikes. The RoadShower is your trusty sidekick for the convenience of pressurized water in the middle of nowhere. Its dependable attachment to your vehicle or trailer allows you to roam freely. And, while you’re out having fun, the sun heats up the water in the tank. Check the thermometer and you can enjoy a hot sun powered shower, or blast off mac-n-cheese from campsite dishes.

WARNING for California Consumers
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Product Details

RoadShower SM (4 gal)

Product Details
  • Available in 4, 7 & 10-gallon sizes.
  • The Patented Design is built strong with welded aluminum construction and durable powder coat finish.
  • Large top-cap allows for easy filling.
  • Pressurize the tank through the Schrader air valve or a garden hose.
  • Pressurize with hand or electric pump - Built-in pressure relief valve safely and automatically tops out at 55 psi (max).
  • Included garden hose adapter harnesses the pressure of your home water spout and fills and pressurizes at the same time.
  • Includes a stick-on thermometer strip for the outside of the tank.
  • Includes two outlet water ports, one on each end, for convenient water access.
  • Included Hose Lengths: 4G and 7G - 55”, 10G - 81”.
  • Locks to roof rack with included SKS Locks for added security
  • Stainless steel universal mounting hardware fits all Yakima® crossbars and most other roof racks.
  • 1-year Limited Warranty.
  • RoadShower 4G with 4 gallons of water – 53 lbs.
  • RoadShower 7G with 7 gallons of water – 84 lbs.
  • RoadShower 10G with 10 gallons of water – 120 lbs.

Product Specs
  • Weight: 20.30 lbs.
  • Dimensions: L 55.00 in x W 6.10 in x H 4.75 in
  • Minimum Crossbar Spread 24.00in
  • Maximum Crossbar Spread 50.00in
  • Limited One Year Warranty

RoadShower SM (4 gal)

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 11 reviews

      This thing is sick, 10/10 would buy again.
      Warm pressurized water anywhere is a game changer!

      Valerie Sparks
      Road Shower 4 gallon

      Had a lot of trouble with hose blowing off of the shower and spray nozzle with the water pressure. We put hose clamps on to keep the hose on but sometimes still blows off. After 2 years the outside of the hose is degrading from the sun and getting really sticky. Replacement hose is out of stock. Will have to look elsewhere.

      David Horton
      Great product.

      Works well.

      Michael Ruth
      Great shower/ lost cap

      Awesome product. I lost my cap and need another. Still works somewhat.

      Solid product but water leaks

      Solid product but water leaks from on of brass fittings. Changed the o ring in hose and used teflon tape to connect. Called customer service and they are helping me to resolve it.


      My last review wasn’t posted by Yakima, so we’ll see if this one sticks. I have no complaints about the actual black metal reservoir. It seems to have solid build quality...the welds could be cleaner, but that is not a deal breaker by any means! This product fails in the accessories. On first use the hose leaked, fittings leaked, and most significantly, the radius of the rubber gaskets are undersized for the ball valve, so they suck in to the end of the ball valve when they’re anything more than hand tight. This results in an inability to hold pressure (and more leaking). What is the point in having a nice, solid metal reservoir if the fittings won’t allow it to remain pressurized? Looking at the previous models of the Roadshower - pre-Yakima - it looked to have brass fittings. They’re now some hybrid alloy. Cost savings? At what expense? I purchased new gaskets, fittings, and hose, only to wonder why I’m paying $800 CAD for a defective product. I think I’ll be returning it instead. Too bad, could’ve been cool.

      Alex Woodbury
      This Shower is Golden all the way!

      Gotta love it! Daily user, couldn't imagine life without it. I hooked it up with a little compressed air system. It can give the whole crew a wash down and fend off the cougars and snow leopards at the same time. Full weather exposure now for 12 months in the tropics, and no issues with my hose :) Lost my cap once, nearly popped my top, but Yakima customer service came in for the win and saved the day. Excellency all around!!

      Very useful piece of (heavy) gear.

      I do lot of camping in the desert. My Roadshower 4 has been great. From a quick hand wash to a shower before bed, this has been really useful. You need to consider the weight of a fully loaded Roadshower. Water is 8.3 lbs/gal. Mounting sideways on your car is a bad idea with a less than fully loaded shower. Water sloshing around is a nasty weight shift, side to side. Bill is correct. The hose gets nasty and brown pretty quick. Mine looked like the one in his picture. I removed mine and now use a flexible metal shower head on a quick release coupling. Works great. I've had my Roadshower for a few years, before Yakima bought them. They may use a different hose now. The old one had a decal with this obnoxious adhesive that got slimy and gross. It's impossible to remove effectively, even with goo-gone or citrus spray.

      Dave Mihelich
      Great Product!

      I have used it on a few camping trips now and it works great. Seems well built and works as stated. Wish I had the larger one now.

      Warning: hose went bad after a few months

      Warning to others-- the hose became covered in a brown, sticky residue. This also happened to the hose we purchased to replace it even after storing it inside for most of the year. I contacted Yakima customer service about this and they said they have never heard of the issue and essentially, if you purchased a RoadShower before Yakima purchased them it wasn't their problem to deal with. So-- warning for others, it's unclear if you will have to replace the hose on your shower once every few months.