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RidgeLine Towers (Set of Four)

Roof Rack Tower For Vehicles With Flush-Mounted Side Rails

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Take sleek to a new level - the ingenious RidgeLine Towers integrate with flush-mount factory side rails so you can build a real rack that carries more. Strong and versatile, they attach easily and have a sleek design that aligns with your vehicle's aerodynamic attitude.

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Product Details

RidgeLine Towers (Set of Four)

Product Details
  • Attaches a base rack system to vehicles with flush-mount factory side rails. RidgeClips and crossbars required for a complete system. Both are sold separately. Use Fit My Vehicle to find the clips and crossbars.
  • Advanced design is strong and quiet and aligns with aerodynamic vehicle aesthetics
  • Works with JetStream, CoreBar and RoundBar crossbars
  • Unique clip design adapts to your rails for a secure, accurate fit
  • BarBed™ has 12° of pitch adjustment to optimize tower position and level bars
  • Super-simple installation – tool included
  • Maximum load rating of 165lbs (75kg), depending on vehicle and bar rating
  • Easily locks to you vehicle with our SKS system (sold separately)
  • RoundBar SL Adapter required to use Yakima’s classic RoundBar with StreamLine System Towers (sold separately)
  • Streamline crossbars are compatible with any StreamLine Tower StreamLine Tower
  • Find the right bar style and length to fit your needs
  • Compare four crossbar styles and features to learn more
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RidgeLine Towers (Set of Four)


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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Bill Herndon
      A Nightmare to Install

      Just when you thought Yakima couldn't make their systems any more difficult to install, along comes the RidgeLine--a system of such mind-boggling complexity and useless installation instructions, that you'll spend a hair-tearing couple of hours just assembling and attempting to get this to fit on your car. Bar adapters that don't seat correctly on the towers; time wasted adjusting the towers (per the instructions) only to find that that anchoring clips cannot be installed with the towers in place; anchoring clips that cannot be properly installed according to the instructions; incomplete instructions; missing instructions; flat out wrong instructions. Did you forget to tighten the adapter clips for your round bars? No you probably didn't. The reason your bars aren't properly secured is that Yakima skipped the instructions for the final anchoring of round bars! Will you ever be able to remove the rack? Don't count on it. As soon as you loosen the assembly to get the rack off the car...the anchoring clips will slip right off the towers, and then you're back to square one. This is an expensive, complicated, system that will cause you no end of misery. Give up on Yakima and go with something else...anything else.

      Mountain State Overland
      A Big Change for Towers

      I'm just gonna go ahead and give these towers 5 stars. I've owned several different towers including the Q series and 1A but I'll have to admit that the RidgeLine towers are bomber. I've had these installed on tracks over the cap of a 2013 Tacoma for just a few weeks now. I've had these towers loaded with a 125 lbs roof top tent that sits on CoreBars. I drive 4 miles of rough gravel every day and my tent, bars and towers are fully intact and never wobble, shift, or move. There is a bit of a trick to getting these set how you need them but overall, it was a much better experience than my first with Q towers and clips. What I like most about these towers - they are actually constructed out of metal, with only a plastic front clip.