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RidgeLine System

For Vehicles with flush-mounted side rails

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Roof rack system for vehicles with flush-mounted side rails. Features pitch adjustments for the perfect fit on rounded roof-lines and attaches to the vehicle with vehilce-specific RidgeClips. Works with all Yakima Crossbars. (RoundBar Requires RoundBar SL Adapter and HD Bar requires HD SL Adapter)

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Product Details

RidgeLine System

Product Details
  • Attaches a base rack system to vehicles with flush-mount factory side rails. RidgeClips and crossbars required for a complete system. 
  • Advanced design is strong and quiet and aligns with aerodynamic vehicle aesthetics
  • Works with JetStream, CoreBar, HD Bar and RoundBar crossbars
  • Unique clip design adapts to your rails for a secure, accurate fit
  • BarBed™ has 12° of pitch adjustment to optimize tower position and level bars
  • Super-simple installation – tool included
  • Maximum load rating of 165lbs (75kg), depending on vehicle and bar rating
  • Easily locks to you vehicle with our SKS system (sold separately)
  • Find the right bar style and length to fit your needs
  • Compare four crossbar styles and features to learn more
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RidgeLine System

Installation Details
  • Some Assembly Required
  • 30 Minute Install
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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 7 reviews
      not designed well

      tear drop end caps come loose & one popped right off, of course the piece that falls off isnt available to buy as an accessory.

      Easy to Install

      I will agree with the one person that said the ridgeclips can slide off easy if you don't have it on your car. Once installed you won't lose your clips. I have a 2019 Kia Sorento and I watched some of the videos to understand how to install. Kia did a great thing on my model where they have a hole that the ridge clip will fit right in. Makes it so much easier to put on and off without having to measure the distance each time you put them on. Mine will be stored for the winter unless I get some XC Skis.

      Bill Herndon
      Waste of Money and an Installation Nightmare

      Just when you thought Yakima couldn't make their systems any more difficult to install, along comes the RidgeLine--a system of such mind-boggling complexity and useless installation instructions, that you'll spend a hair-tearing couple of hours assembling and attempting to get this to fit on your car. Bar adapters that don't seat correctly on the towers; time wasted adjusting the towers (per the instructions) only to find that that anchoring clips cannot be installed with the towers in place; anchoring clips that cannot be properly installed according to the instructions; incomplete instructions; missing instructions; flat out wrong instructions. Did you forget to tighten the adapter clips for your round bars? No you probably didn't. The reason your bars aren't properly secured is that Yakima skipped the instructions for the final anchoring of round bars! Will you ever be able to remove the rack? Don't count on it. As soon as you loosen the assembly, the anchoring clips will slip right off the towers, and then you're back to square one. This is an expensive, complicated, system that will cause you no end of misery. (And...the only way to get this review up on Yakima's site is to give it better than 2 stars. Yakima appears to censor all 1 and 2 star reviews.)

      great unless you lose a part

      Works great, easy to put together, easy to install. The clips that hold the towers to your car fall out of the towers very easily and if you lose one, it's another $144, if you can find the parts in stock somewhere.

      Henry Barksdale
      Good so far!

      This assembly went together well although it took me around 3 hours. The quirks are that you need to understand the torque wrench - it really does click if you keep tightening the bolts. Clamps are a little tricky to fit in but work well. I feel very comfortable with the security of the rack and it looks great. We will be carrying 2 sea kayaks and using Yakima Hully rollers which are super !

      poor design

      We bought this for our Telluride. We have used it once or twice, and the ridge clips have fallen off. Now we have to spend an additional $130 to buy all four ridge clips, when all we need is one tiny piece of rubber (the R1). Poor design. Will not be buying yakima again.

      Difficult to install

      The towers themselves work well enough but have some strange design flaws compared to my old Thule system. The clips to adapt these to flush roof rails are a PIA to install but that’s a separate issue. In order to secure the crossbar adapter to the tower you need to tighten a bolt that becomes unreachable once the rack is on your roof. If you pull the rack off to tighten it once you get the spacing right, you’ll lose your spacing and the poorly designed adaptor clips will fall off. Requires two people to install in order to hold the opposite side tower together while you adjust. Once properly installed its rock solid however, in retrospect, I should have bought a factory Volvo rack.