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Outdoorsman 300

Truck Bed Rack

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The versatile, no-drill Outdoorsman lets you create a top-of-vehicle truck rack system for your full-size pickup truck—without the need for a camper shell—while leaving you full access to the truck bed.

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Product Details

Outdoorsman 300 Fullsize

Product Details
  • Clamps onto truck bed rails without any drilling
  • The perfect rack solution for everyday hauling of ladders and lumber
  • Heavy-duty construction handles up to 300 lbs
  • Sold in pairs; combine single pair with racks on truck roof or combine two pairs for complete system
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Outdoorsman 300 Fullsize

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 8 reviews
      Springer Lover
      Yakima 300 Outdoorsman Roof Rack

      I used these on my truck, you can take them on and off no problem and they are solid. They worked great for my canoe. The only thing I don't like is the price, but the quality is there.

      Work or play, every day

      I've had my set of Yakima Outdoorsman 300 Truck Racks forever. Ladders and 4x4's weekdays, kayaks - canoes and bikes weekends. On and off in minutes with a minimum of parts and tools. Brilliant design, bravo!

      Makes it easy to carry my Kayaks

      Bought this for a 450 mile round trip camping with a travel trailer. Needed to take three kayaks so this looked like a good idea. Installation was straight forward and easy. Rack is very stable when fully installed and had no problems carrying over 150lbs of boats and gear. I installed this compact model on a 1999 full size Ford F-250 because it sits level with the top of the cab and when the kayak mounts are on it raises the boats up above the cab and there is plenty or clearance! I just like the looks of the racks being level with the cab. Had no problems and was very confident having the boats mounted on it. Also, it makes it easier to tie down the boats when you can get under them, and I could take the bikes in the bed with my Yakima bed mount for bikes! Great products!

      2010 Nissan Works great!

      I used my 15 year old yakima surf racks rail from my camper shell from a 92 GMC Truck and did not use the metal support supplied with new towers which is used on front of bed right behind the cab, but on my 2010 Nissan just used the hook under the lip of the bed and left my slider rails intact. I did not want to remove these as I use the sliding cage in truck bed. It is totally secure and you don't need to use the supplied bracket on the Nissan which has thick bed metal. The rail tightens with two allen screws onto the towers and is plenty secure for my 38 pound paddle board and my 54 pound kayak which both fit up there great. I use a bass pro trailer hitch kayak adjustable height for the rear so I am not sure how the same system of rails would work on the back of a Nissan Frontier if you install twin towers. I am sure it would clip on fine, but might keep you from using your cage with the sliders as far as range of movement is concerned. I did not try this.

      Chan the Man
      Solid and Simple

      Solid as a rock with easy installation. Easy removal when needed. Use all the same overhead rack features you have been using on the roof -- now extends over the pick up truck bed and frees up the bed for "regular" cargo.

      Need more height

      bar clamp screws have broken twice - ust snapped at the riser plate.. I've lost one bar clamp and had to re-purchase one from Yak..

      Paddlin' Bob
      Best way for open bed

      The problem with my Chevy S-10 is that the Outdoorsman is taller than the rack on top the cab. Mounting my kayak waaaay up there is difficult, but doable.

      Great but it doesn't limbo well

      Easy for one man to load with two canoes. You don't know that they are there !