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HullyRollers (1pair)


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Roll out on your next boat trip with these easy to load hull lovers. The Dynaflex™ padded rollers protect and grip your hull, then lock into place once loaded. Fits many hull shapes with pivoting bases. Mounts onto round or square crossbars.
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Product Details

HullyRollers (1pair)

Product Details
  • This boat load assist system features rollers mounted on pivoting bases that fit many kayak or canoe hull shapes
  • Dynaflex™ padded rollers protect and grip your hull, then lock into place once loaded
  • Combine with Mako saddles (for round or square bars) or Mako Aero saddles (for factory or aerodynamic bars) for the ultimate duo of easy loading and boat security
  • Each set includes one Heavy-Duty Strap and one Bow/Stern Tie-Down
  • Premium heavy-duty straps with coated metal buckles protect boat and vehicle
  • Fits rack systems with round or square crossbars
  • Fits factory or aerodynamic crossbars with the use of Mighty Mounts (sold separately)
  • Comes with two rollers per package. To complete system add Mako or Mako Aero saddles.
Product Specs

HullyRollers (1pair)

Installation Details
  • Some Assembly Required
  • 10 Minute Install
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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      Roller Material degrades

      I am very happy with the roller but with Texas weather the roller material softens and turns to putty just like the other review. I am wondering if you guys will sell the replacement soft material to mount it back the existing system. I am a big Yakima fan and this is one of the only product that does that.

      6 years and happy!

      I'm reinstalling mine onto the new subaru. All the parts moved easily from one car to the other. And!!! I still have the keys. I keep the kayak carrier on the car all year - as a North Idaho resident, I'm very impressed. Love it!

      Roller material degrades over time, but overall system works well.

      Consider this a mixed, but positive review. I've owned two roller/saddle systems for years, and overall they work very well. The only complaint I have is about the material the rollers and the inserts on the Mako saddles are made from, at least the vintage I have. While the current version may be made from a different material ("Dynaflex"?), mine have softened to a putty-like consistency, resulting in material from the roller and the Mako saddles being sloughed off onto the hull of my kayaks as they soften over time. I can no longer use the rollers due to the wear from this material, and I want to stay committed to a Yakima system, so I hope the new material addresses this flaw.


      The load assist feature of the Hully Rollers work well as long as the vehicle is not leaning to the right or left. The first time I tried to use it, the right side of my car was lower on the right. My 16.5' sea kayak started creeping to the right completely away from the left roller. I unloaded the layak and repositioned the vehicle so that the slant was lower in front but even side-to-side. This worked fine. I paired them with a Mako Aeros and the boat stayed solidly in place with no give or denting on the underside for 600 windly miles. I am very satified.