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This handy add-on doubles your HoldUp bike hitch carrier’s capacity from 2 to 4 bikes – perfect for quadruplets on a family outing.

Holds up to two bikes. 

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Product Details

HoldUp +2

Product Details
  • Expands your bike-hauling capacity from 2 to 4 bikes
  • StrongArm design secures bike at wheels, protecting paint and carbon frames
  • Fits 20" - 27.5" wheel sizes with tires up to 3.0" wide and 29" tires up to 2.5" wide
  • Accommodates bike wheelbases up to 48”
  • Accommodates disc brakes, through axles, and full suspension bikes
  • Tilts down with bikes loaded for rear-of-vehicle access
  • Side-to-side adjustability to adjust space between bikes
  • Carries 2 bikes (2” receiver only)
  • 4 bikes, 200 lbs total, with the HoldUp
Product Specs

HoldUp +2

Installation Details
  • Some Assembly Required
  • 10 Minute Install
  • 2" Hitch Receiver Required

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 9 reviews
      This DOES WORK with the EVO rack, despite what Yakima tells you

      I bought the Holdup base rack 3-4 years ago, along with the Holdup +2. I kept the base rack on my car for 2 years straight, because it was such a pain to get under the car and remove the bolt. I ride frequently enough that it made sense to just keep the rack on. I never used the Holdup +2, so it sat in the box in my garage. Well, the base rack started to rust, and I also acquired a fatbike, which does not fit on the Holdup. I contacted Yakima to see if the Holdup+2 was compatible with the newer Holdup EVO. They told me it was NOT compatible. I took the chance and ordered the EVO, because of the ease of removing/installing on the vehicle, and because the trays would accommodate my fat bike. This weekend, I finally decided to attempt the installation of the Holdup+2 onto the EVO base. It fit like a glove. There is absolutely NO play, no wiggle, no wobble. With the Holdup+2, the rack is REALLY heavy, with no bikes on it. I can't imagine trying to lean it back to get into the trunk with bikes on it, and then lifting it back up into position by myself. It's definitely a 2 person job. Overall, I'm pleased with the rack, and I definitely prefer it with the EVO base. That pin on the original Holdup wasn't the easiest on the best of days, and I would imagine near impossible to maneuver with the +2 addition.

      I'm a little disappointed in Yakima for trying to tell me the two pieces wouldn't work together.

      It works but not worth the money compared to others

      We have the HoldUp and the HoldUp +2 to carry four mountain bikes and have had it for over a year now. There are a few real design flaws that really keep this from being a 5-star rating, and had I know ahead of time, I might not have purchased Yakima in favour of another popular brand. I purchased my system on a super deal so I can live with it for now. The BIGGEST issue is trying to raise and lower the rack system when you have it set up for 4 bikes. There are the normal locking pin and the extra pin that is installed on the other side. You have to manhandle the rack to get the optional pin out, then lift and pull the normal locking pin. While I am able to do this, neither my wife nor my daughter has the strength to do this. Others have the latching and release lever at the END of the rack making it much easier to do. The secondary pin fits sloppy and there seems to be a little play in it, which does result in some wiggling while driving. The secondary pin came with a lanyard that you're supposed to secure on the rack, but there was no predrilled hole to do so. The hold-down arms that clamp on the front wheels work well but tend to get sloppy requiring the nut inside the pivot to be retorqued about every 6 months. The hold-down arm rods paint has already been worn partly away from weekend use, resulting in the finish looking like hell. The "Yakima" decals have already begun to peel, and I do not use this rack in the winter months either! We have a 2" receiver and have to tighten the mounting bolt about every two weeks due to it loosening and the rack wiggling whiel driving, even after torquing as instructed. With the Holdup +2 addition, there is a safety flag that is supposed to alert drivers behind you when loaded with bikes, however, if you drive any distance with the rack folded up, the coil spring on this flag chews the crap out of the last hold-down arm, destroying the finish and paint, and gouging into the metal. Warranty replaced the last tray after much hassle and we removed the safety flag. Had I had this insight before purchasing this Yakima, I would have bought the competitors instead as it is a better design for the money.

      Best Service ever, the product is excellent too

      I purchased Hold up rack about a year ago when I was educated about my carbon bike should not he carried by their frames. Unfortunately, I lost my pin, lock and rod that holds the rack on to the hitch during winter storage and the plastic clip that holds the locking cable broke. I contacted my LBS(local bike shop Edmonds Cycle) and they said no problem and would get me a replacement pin! Sure enough in about a week, my part came in, but it wasn't the correct size. The LBS suggested I visit the warranty centre and speak to Mike Matsuda, the service he provided with the warranty was beyond the norm! I'm very happy and pleased that I invested in Yakima products! Mike went out of his way to show me and ensure I get the correct part. He also suggested I change the lock core to match my existing key! In total I've three different racks! I've a light rider two bike rack, a Ridge back four bike rack and my newest purchase of Hold up two bike rack(hoping to add the Evo + 2 soon) Again, Mike said he can give me couple extra cores and keys to match all my locks with the same key! He also warranted the plastic housing for the cable lock! I've always told my friends and family if they want a bike rack, to buy Yakima! I'm glad I have spread the good word about your product, after the service I received from Mike, I'll definitely make sure I also tell them the awesome and amazing service Mike provided for Yakima products. Mike definitely needs a kudos and pat in the back! Yakima should be proud to have employees like Mike who put the customers needs first and assist them beyond the required service. I am very happy with Hold up rack and even happier with the warranty work Mr. Matsuda provided for Yakima products!

      Easy loading and safe

      I bought this last year and wanted to see it go through the rigors of actual use. This is a great product and works very well. over time just make sure you grease the pin that releases the bike rack down , it started to get harder and harder to pull the pin. The bike rack has held up very well with no chipping of paint or anything. though the 2nd winter. thanks

      Best Rack I've Ever Owned!

      I am an avid biker and have owned several racks over many years. Racks that mount on the roof are probably the most difficult to load. Racks that mount on the back (hitch, spare tire, trunk) traditionally hang the bikes from the cross bar - easy to load, but the bikes swing and rub against each other and potentially the vehicle. The tires spin in the wind. For some bikes, we had to purchase a false top bar ($40 each) to hang them from that. This rack attaches the bikes at the wheels. It is low to the ground so you don't have to lift the bikes very high. The wheels don't spin. There is no way for the bikes to touch. The rack securely locks to the vehicle and the bikes securely lock to the rack via an ingenious built-in locking mechanism. The rack is heavy - sturdily built. But it folds up really easily when not in use and you can leave it attached to your vehicle all summer. We acquired this rack after we were re-ended and our last rack was destroyed, along with my favorite bike. The only thing good that came from that accident was this new rack. I'm glad to have it.

      Questionable design

      Attach point is held on by a plastic insert with metal threads for the bolt. Those threads failed and the part is easy to remove. However, it is not listed on the website as a replaceable part. We have already lost a pin from the rack so I question a design that has such a high failure rate.

      The ticket for a family of 4

      Obviously is goes with the Holdup. It is the perfect solution for a family of 4. Hauling 4 bikes is not easy. This rack does the job well. It's very well made. It's not light, which is a good thing. If you can lift bikes you can work it.

      Couldn't be happier!

      Recently purchased a HoldUp2" and +2 together, and couldn't be happier. Excellent product--alone (HoldUp2") and together (with +2 mounted on HoldUp2"). Compared to my previous carrier by a different manufacturer, the HoldUp2" and +2 are very easy to use: my wife and 14-year old son and his friends have no problems or complaints and also use it frequently. It literally only takes 30 sec to secure a bike. As a result, we all ride our bikes a lot more now.

      Great rack for 4 bikes!

      This rack is one stable and tough rack capable of handling 4 downhill bikes each weighing 35 lbs. Can't get any better!