EXO System

Built for adventure for those who were born for it, the revolutionary EXO System transforms your trailer hitch into a go-anywhere, do-anything rack solution. Finally, a single system that supports multiple activities. Why pick and choose when you can have it all?



Q: So, is it a bike rack, ski rack, or luggage rack?
A: Yes. And more.

With more than 40 configurations, the EXO System adapts to virtually any activity in any season. Whatever you do, wherever you go, it has your back — literally. (Well, technically, it has your vehicle’s back.) And thanks to the innovative SwingBase, a fully-loaded EXO can glide out of the way for unhindered access to your vehicle’s hatch or tailgate whenever you need it. It’s that easy.

Get started with a configuration below or build your EXO from scratch.

Built for Bikes

EXO makes it easy to go from four wheels to two and back again. Carry two bikes — road or MTB — on the EXO DoubleUp while the rest of your gear is kept securely in the EXO GearLocker below. It’s best of both worlds: the easy loading and unloading of a hitch rack and the unobstructed vehicle access of a roof rack.

  • EXO DoubleUp
  • EXO GearLocker
  • EXO SwingBase
  • EXO TopShelf

Constructed for Camping

“Bad food is part of the joy of camping.” Uh huh, keep telling yourself that. Or upgrade your camp cuisine with the EXO OpenRange kitchen-in-a-box. It gives you everything you need to prepare mouthwatering meals outdoors, including a two-burner stove, tables for food prep, and organizers for utensils and more. This configuration also includes the EXO GearWarrior for extra storage.

  • EXO OpenRange
  • EXO GearWarrior
  • EXO SwingBase
  • EXO TopShelf

Racked for the Road

You love road trips, but you don’t love smelling like a road trip. Outfitted with the EXO GearLocker and either 4-gallon or 7-gallon RoadShower, this configuration lets you spend extended time on the road without giving up the niceties of civilization. Wash the beach sand off your feet, clean the mud from your boots, or finally discover what all the fuss is about over outdoor showers.

  • EXO GearLocker
  • EXO RoadShower Kit
  • RoadShower 4G or 7G
  • EXO SwingBase
  • EXO TopShelf

Prepped for POW

Bunny hills. Moguls. Half pipes. Backcountry pow. However you prefer to get down the mountain, the EXO System will help you get up it. Secure up to five pairs of skis or four snowboards to the EXO SnowBank and stash the rest of your gear in the EXO GearLocker to save space in your vehicle for all your friends or family.
  • EXO SnowBank
  • EXO GearLocker
  • EXO SwingBase
  • EXO TopShelf


With over 40 possible configurations, EXO fits every lifestyle. Not seeing a configuration that works for you? Create your own!

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