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Developer Instructions: Whitelabel Partner


Thank you for using Yakima's Whitelabel Experience.

Set Up Requirements include: have ecommerce in place, have a developer to support the integration, have experience with various partner transfers from other brands.

Page setup requires two weeks to work back and forth with Yakima.

The base URL structure for all whitelabel ecommerce partners is as follows:

  • PartnerID=X references the Yakima ID for each partner and X represents the specific ID.

Step 1

Please email with the following to get started:

  • Transfer cart URL for your domain
  • Company Logo - transparent PNG, with 186px by 121px dimensions

Step 2

You will receive an email back within 2-4 business days with a link preconfigured with your partner ID that will link to your branded whitelabel experience. Once received, you can place the link around any image or text you'd like to link to the new configurator.


Step 3

Add an “AddToCart” method to your web site, which reads a collection of QueryString parameters and adds the appropriate products to the current user’s cart. The location and URL of this method doesn’t matter, as long as it accepts parameters in this format: “p1=SKU,Quantity,Price,Name”


  • p1 is a sequential index for the product, the first product is “p1”, the second is “p2”, etc.
  • SKU is the SKU of the product to add, ie “8002098”
  • Quantity is the number of items to add to the cart, ie “1”
  • Price is Yakima’s MSRP for the product, which is provided for your reference but can be ignored. Ie. “298.00”
  • Name is the full name of the product, which is also provided for reference and can be ignored. Ie. “Forklift”


Here is an example of a URL that should add two products to a user’s cart:,1,159.00,Forklift&p2=8000429,2,199.00,JetStreamSilver60

Below is an example (in PHP) of a method that will parse the querystring and add the products to the user’s cart. The implementation of the AddProductToCart method will depend the language and framework of your eCommerce platform. Once this method is implemented and tested, provide the URL to Yakima and we will handle the rest.

parse_str($qs, $products);
foreach ($products as $product) {
  $values = explode(“,”, $product);
  $sku = $values[0];
  $quantity = $values[1];
  AddProductToCart($sku, $quantity);