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A fresher take on the classic strap rack, the FullBack securely holds your bike, is simple to use, stores easily, installs easily, and is easy on the wallet. The construction is rugged, the modern design is as cool as your ride, a locking package deters bike theft, and there's a built-in bottle opener. Cheers.

Holds up to three bikes.

WARNING for California Consumers
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Product Details

FullBack 3 Bike

Product Details
  • New SuperCush ZipStrip™ cradles secure the bikes and make loading and unloading a breeze
  • ZipStrips™ secure bikes to the rack and are fully removable
  • Modern design delivers an improved fit and looks awesome
  • Bomber external frame holds tough, cushy padding protects your paint
  • Full SKS locking package secures rack to vehicle, bikes to rack to help prevent theft
  • Simple installation with an interlocking HUB that aligns key adjustment points
  • Four-strap attachment is intuitive and easy
  • Compact for easy storage
  • Premium high-gloss finish
  • Yakima signature bottle opener lets you enjoy a post-ride cold one
  • Easy number dial makes installation simple
  • WARNING for California Consumers
Product Specs

FullBack 3 Bike

Installation Details
  • No Assembly Required
  • 5 Minute Install
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      A Great Bike Rack

      After doing some comparison research & then reading the reviews about the Fullback 2 bike I decided it was the right rack for my vehicle. It’s sturdy & looks great

      Orviel Ordiz
      Best bang for the buck on a '10 Subie OB

      Application: '10 Subaru Outback Limited
      Positives: Price, easy to install, compact storage, fits "regularly" configured older children to adult bikes, no need for a hitch mount, because it's high off the ground no need to worry about clearance when backing into steep slopes that transitions abruptly (versus bike racks on hitches that hang under the bumper) and some short-term security (lock and key included to lock bikes onto the rack; security nylon strap).
      Negatives: May be better suited for rear windows that are angled as opposed to more vertical rear windows; if you don't read the directions and mount the bottom to your plastic bumper, your bumper may get a dent; this requires a bit of "artistry" to figure out the sweet spot to place the bottom portions of the rack near your license plate area, I'd go for the lowest part, but the directions do have a place it tells you where you're supposed to place it; because the weight is pulling on the liftgate (for the Subaru Outback), it loosens up the top portion of the liftgate and could allow enough clearance for water to enter past the liftgate seals.

      Bill Herndon
      Volvo Station-Wagon? You'll Regret the Fullback!

      Another expensive fail from Yakima. After dealing with a Ridgeline rack for a 3 miserable years, I decided to go for something simpler that didn't require lifting my wife's (somewhat heavier) Janus Citizen over my head. So let's to the chase: If you own a recent (2014 or later) Volvo station-wagon DON'T BUY THIS RACK! You'll end up with a system that can't transport even fairly common urban/hybrid bikes and damage to your Volvo won't be easy to fix. Yakima's fitment guide, stating that this rack is compatible with the 2016 V60, is a flat out lie. Their advice to use the rack clips in "anchor" mode is correct, but they don't tell you that there is no amount of human muscle power sufficient to tighten the lower clips to the point where the rack is stable on even the shortest drive. Moreover, Yakima cautions that "prolonged installation may damage your headliner and trunk-liner," but they don't tell you that their definition of "prolonged" is about 20 minutes...which is how long it took the lower clips to put visible dents in my Volvo's plastic trunk-liner. Finally, Yakima claims that they test all their racks on the cars in the fitment guide... Nonsense! If they had actually tested against the V60, then Yakima would know that the nuts/screws on the lower license-plate bracket jut out so far that the rack cannot be placed in the proper position in the license plate well. It's too low for stability, and our rack slipped out of position on a 6-block test drive! The FullBack is another useless piece of junk from Yakima, and after 12 years of misery, I'm done with their expensive, complicated, poorly documented racks.

      Peter Stockmann
      Poor product

      This rack damaged my Subaru WRX. Rack slid down with straps applied to maximum tension and bottom of rack indented bottom bumper. Did not use top tubes, as many people don't (even within this thread on yakima's own site). This should not change the force applied to rack to damage my car the way it did. Yakima declined claim because did not use top tubes. To anyone thinking about purchasing this rack: #1 This rack has huge potential to damage your vehicle #2 For Yakima to even consider covering damage from this rack you need to ADDITIONALLY buy "tube top" accessory for any bike with ANY down-sloping frame - this increases the cost of this rack at least 50% in total on an already expensive system #3 Best to assume Yakima will do everything they can to not cover any damage incurred by their system

      Janet Wojcik
      Works great!

      I got a newer model 2021 Outback so had to upgrade my bicycle rack. Bought this through REI so I could do a curbside pickup. The upper strap clips were missing but Yakima support got them to me pretty much the next day. Once I had all the correct parts, it was easy to fit and install based on instructions and videos. If we upgrade to e-bikes we would need to get a hitch mount rack due to weight capacity. For now, this will work great. It folds easy for storage, but like another poster mentioned in the heat the locks seem hard to turn.

      Keith Pinto
      Yakima Fullback 3 Bike Rack - Elantra N Line 2022

      Perfect fit. Super sturdy. Taken it out twice so far and have had no problems. The 2022 Elantra N Line has yet to have a hitch manufactured, and I was tired of waiting for a year. Although trunk racks are not preferred by most, I had no choice but to go for this, as roof racks were too expensive. I have taken it out twice, hitting up 100km/hr on the freeway. Rock Solid. I spent a lot of time reviewing many trunk bike racks, and I am delighted this one worked for me. I have ordered covers for my pedals to avoid scratching the paint while mounting the bike. The bike has minimal sway on the move and does not come in contact with the trunk.

      JerryAnn Clifford
      Great but for the locks

      Bought this for my '16 Equinox. Appropriate fit. So lid. Strong. Easily secured BUT from Day 1 the locking system is so tough to turn. Eventually with strength, determination and patience I lock and unlock the arms .NO IDEA how to fix the resistance to turning. Any videos don't even hint at a similar problem. Hot weather only makes the locking mechanism tighter. Frustrating.

      Jim Mac
      Fullback 2 works well on 2004 Sienna and 2017 Crosstrek but beware

      Overall, it works well. Kind of hard to get two small size gravel bike frames on there but we can make it work with the drop bars of one bike woven through the spokes of the other bike. We haven't used the rack to vehicle anti-theft system bc I haven't been able to get the strap through the slot between the hatchback and the back of either vehicle, though I only tried once. The cord on the rack to bike lock is pretty short but we've been able to use it. The ZipStrips have survived 3 months of regular use and are pretty nice. I'm docking a star bc it's so. freakin. heavy. It makes the hatchback of the Crosstrek slam shut hard if you don't hold tight to it. It doesn't slam the door of the Sienna but be careful closing the door with the rack arms extended. One guy posted a youtube review of this rack and talked about getting hit in the head hard with the rack arms. I thought, "What a moron. I'll never do that." But I almost took myself out during a period of brain fog after a long ride. It could happen to you...Related to the concussion hazard, I think the sharp edge of the bottle opener just makes the arms more dangerous. Booby traps aside, it's a solid bike rack.

      Kelly Castilloux
      Fullback 2 bike

      I have a decent fit on Mitsubishi Outlander Sport. The rack is a lot heavier than my previous rack, however it seems to be made well. I guess time will tell on the ratcheting type moving arms and such. So far , so good.

      Fantastic on Subaru Legacy

      I bought Fullback 3 used at REI parking lot sale and fantastic on 2015 Subaru Legacy. No problem loading 2-3 bikes. However, tried to install and use on wife's 2016 Toyota Prius and not so easy install and open the hatchback with it on not as easy as Subaru. Still this is my second Yakima bike rack still have my first one just in case I ever go back to an SUV.