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SideBar, Short Bed

Side Rails For Overhaul HD And Outpost HD

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The SideBar heavy duty side rails increase the utility of our OverHaul HD™ and OutPost HD™ truck rack systems with more carrying space. Available in two size options and a telescoping design, it’s always a perfect fit. The full-length T-slot and 100-lb. capacity make it easy to attach more accessories and gear. Now you can customize your Yakima truck rack system to securely handle a wider range of outdoor fun.

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Product Details

SideBar, Short Bed

Product Details
  • Fully adjustable, heavy-duty side rails attach to OverHaul HD and OutPost HD truck racks
  • Customizes the OverHaul HD and OutPost HD truck racks by expanding gear-carrying capacity
  • Engineered aluminum construction delivers serious strength without weighing things down
  • Holds up to 100 lbs. of gear and accessories—great for heavy items like fuel and water
  • Integrated T-slot makes it easy to attach and remove Yakima truck accessories
  • Adjustable from 36-64"
  • Available in short-bed and long-bed lengths
  • Sold in sets of two
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SideBar, Short Bed

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      Rich G
      Short bed cross bars

      Are you guys looking to hire an operations manager? Surely you need to be if you are not getting enough inventory to satisfy demand. I get notified the short bed side bars are in stock and inventory is depleted within 4 days?


      Tired of reading "reviews" of people complaining they can't get the item. We get it. Supply chain sucks across the board with most things consumers want. Are you surprised? Quit wasting space with useless "reviews" of something you haven't even had the chance to utilize.

      The short bed Sidebars are awesome. Heavy duty, allow for extra accessory storage, etc. Look awesome matched up with the Overhaul HD.

      Should I return my OverHaul?

      Pushing a year waiting on restock of these with no communication from Yakima on status. Spent a hour on hold the other day trying to get an update only to be disconnected at minute 62. Considering returning the OverHaul and moving on...

      I'm sorry to hear you've been waiting so long. When the sun is out our phone rings non-stop! Did you sign up to receive 'Back-in-stock notifications'? Good news, they are back in stock! Were you needing a component to complete your OverHaul HD installation? Let me know how I can help.

      Short bed side bars

      No one seems to have it and places in Sacramento ca gave me 90 days bs way to many times. When are they going to be available? Has Yakima changed its values?

      The supply chain struggle this year has been difficult on us all. I wish these were back in stock for you but sadly they just aren't yet. Be sure to select 'Notify Me When Available' under the Out of Stock button so you are first in line. I want these for my truck too!