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RocketBox Pro 11

11 Cubic Ft. Compact Cargo Box

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This torpedo of a cargo box is great for multi-sport adventurers. It's long and skinny, leaving you plenty of room on your crossbars for other gear mounts, while still adding tons of cargo capacity. It's the perfectly-sized box for skis and boards too.

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Product Details

RocketBox Pro 11

Product Details
  • Long and narrow design hauls plenty and leaves room for other mounts
  • Push button security ensures your lid is secure to its base and your gear is safe
  • Dual-sided opening for easy access on either side of your vehicle
  • No assembly required
  • Tool-free installation/removal from vehicle
  • Fits Yakima round, square, factory and aerodynamic bars
  • Also available in 12 and 14 cubic feet
  • Hauls gear for up to 2 travelers; fits snowboards and skis up to 210cm
  • Matte-black textured finish
  • SKS Locks included
  • Minimum and maximum crossbar spreads: 24” – 40”
  • Yakima cannot ship the RocketBox Pro 11 to Alaska or Hawaii – please contact a local dealer.
  • WARNING for California Consumers
Product Specs
  • Weight: 38.00 lbs.
  • Dimensions: L 89.00 in x W 24.00 in x H 16.00 in
  • Minimum Crossbar Spread 24.00in
  • Maximum Crossbar Spread 40.00in
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

RocketBox Pro 11

Installation Details
  • No Assembly Required
  • 10 Minute Install

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 12 reviews
      perfect fit

      I have a 2019 volvo xc 40 , spent last winter pulling skies in and out or car, limiting passenger space. I had difficulty finding a box that would allow hatch to open and not overhang the front disproportionately. The rocket box pro 11 fits perfect and still allows space for my mountain bike carrier. So far very happy with my purchase. It was small enough, that i was able to install it with out any assistance.

      Complexity vs. Keep it Simple Please

      Sometimes making devices more flexible in their use to broaden appeal only adds to their complexity and reduces the original intent; I'm afraid the RocketBox Pro 11 now fits into this category. My family has used Yakima products since the 1980's. I'm looking out my window at two older Rocket boxes on cars we own, and they've been going strong for dozens of years. I appreciate the concept of being able to open the box from either side, and the three latches to secure the lid (each side). This convenience and security all in one package comes at a cost. The hinges, designed to open in either direction, end up bulky, somewhat flimsy (although they haven't broken) and seemingly get in the way of what used to be very usable space. I struggle to get a couple of ski bags inside (~190-205cm skis) with some ski boots/clothing. The single key mechanism to lock/unlock three latches at a time problematic. I have now bent two keys attempting to get skis out of the box. The mechanism on both sides feel like they're filled with cold molasses even on warm days. When one side totally failed to open on our last day ski tour, we struggled over the roof from the other side of the 4Runner to get the remaining side to work. We extricated the ski gear but this was a silly, time consuming situation. It is true, there are support articles on how to remedy the locking mechanism problems by opening up the mechanism with a torx wrench, etc. etc., but for the price of this box (albeit reasonable in this market) I don't think the end user should have to deal with modifications or problems like this. I will work with Yakima to make this box function because I like Yakima and their support and products have been great in the past. However, I will take a very serious look before assuming the functional Yakima engineering of yesterday continues tomorrow.

      yakima fan of many years

      BUT; this box is not nearly as good as my old " white one" which was at least 20 years old when it went on to its next life, rusted onto our old subaru that moved out with a teenager to college. I don't like the hinges inside which take up a ton of room and block gear, preventing me from getting as much into it as I could in my old Rocket Box. I don't care if it can open from both sides; I only use one. I don't like that I have to leave the key in it; what a pain when trying to move things around. The plastic is flimsier, tho so far, after 2 years, it's holding up fine to skis and paddles and camping gear. . Basically, I wish you still made the old white ones.

      Great box, unless you live in Wyoming

      This box went without flaw for the past two years. Perfect for throwing lots of gear into. However, Wyoming winds win this one. Roofbox slammed sideways (so that it was diagonal across my roof) while driving on the highway. Everything was tightened the way it should have been and there was no evidence of something breaking or something not being installed properly to cause this. Couldn't drive until I found a ratchet strap at a gas station to crank it into place. Sure, the winds were high, but a roofbox should not move and at the price I shouldn't have to buy additional items to keep it on. Still works okay and on my car today but I still strap it down if its too windy and definitely don't trust it. Also a side note, on my 1990s Subaru Outback the roofbox hits the trunk door, even though I have it fairly far forward on the bars.

      Great entry level roofbox

      I've owned the Rocketbox pro 11 since fall of 2016, and it's served me well, doing exactly what I was looking for it to - get skis and boards out of my car (subaru impreza) in the winter while still being protected, and extra storage for road trips in the summer. It's not a super sturdy construction, and has its flaws with the lock-unlock button being difficult to push in sometimes, as well as the clamping mechanism at each end seems a bit flimsy. That being said, I'm careful to open it with both hands, not throw boards/skis in aggressively, and it can open from either side so if one side was giving me trouble, I try the other. I've had sets of boards and skis and poles for 4 people fit fine, and it can be installed and removed pretty easily. It also adjusts without any tools so swapping to another car's roof rack was easy too. Overall, I'd recommend buying one if you're looking for an entry level box and don't want to break the bank. You get what you pay for, take good care of it and it should last a while.

      Long time User

      We've owned a rocketbox 11 for about 15 years - first mounted on a 1999 Honda Odyssey with Yakima crossbars. Worked great when we need extra capacity when all seats were utilized. We now have a 2017 RAV4 with factory crossbars. We are a little worried about the 100 lb. weight limit of the Toyota crossbars - not remembering what the limit of the Honda Odyssey rails were (the Yakima crossbars are STURDY!) The rocketbox itself is a good product - not without it's problems, as the latch & hinges can get 'cranky' - but overall, if a product can last 15 years as a storage on and off the car, then it should be considered a success. (When the rocketbox is not in use on the vehicle, we store our sleeping bags in it - that way, the garage space is put to use!

      xc skiing and RB 11

      This is a wonderful carrier for ski enthusiasts (for example). I had a first generation rocket box which lasted almost 20 years. It would have probably lasted much longer had I not left it on top of my car through several hot summers. Improvements over the first gen are numerous: 1) quick installation and de-install from your horizontal bars, 2) easy adjustment for distance between your two horizontal bars, 3) because of #'s 1 & 2, much improved and quick movement and adjustment of the cargo box between multiple vehicles. Also easy locking and access from either side (mounting either on driver's or passenger's side of vehicle. One problem I have run into in packing the carrier for a routine xc ski trip in CO, is that the longest pair of skis I have (my classic fischer skis) need a length of min of 81 inches. Although the box length is more than adequate (exterior dimensions) the interior available length is very close and it is very tough to pack these long skis into the box, along with the several other pairs we usually have for a trip.

      Great! More rear clearance (for hatches)

      I wanted a small box to supplement carrying capacity on a subaru outback (2006), and it had to be long to fit my 190cm skis in the winter. I originally bought the thule model as it's a not as tall and looks a bit slimmer, but the rear hatch wouldn't clear/fully open even with my cross bars (yakima) moved all the way forward. Then I went and looked at the Yakima rocketbox 11 which had the exact same problem. Frustrated, I considered drilling further holes/modifying the box to move it the extra 3-4" I needed. Then (thanks to this website) I realized there is a new model - the Pro 11 - and one of the other local REIs had it in stock (although it wasn't assembled). Skeptical, I went to check it out - and indeed, it turned out this model has significantly increased the rear clearance to accommodate cars like the outback - awesome!! Now I'm a very happy owner of a Rocketbox Pro 11. If you're also looking to mount a rocketbox on a car with rear hatch and are concerned about clearance, check this one out. As a bonus, the button dual side opening is great!

      Working well

      The product has worked well, but I had difficulty getting it assembled. Be sure to look ahead at instructions so you know where all the parts go.

      Very Small Interior!

      Don't be fooled by the listed (exterior) measurements. The dual-opening scissor lifts on the inside ends, the inside side-bars that operate the three-latches from the central lock, and the overall shape of the box all make usable interior space very, very limited for a box this "size." I am returning it.