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Getting your skis and boards to the slopes has never been easier with the new EXO SnowBank. Pair it with an EXO GearLocker and you have customizable storage for everything you need. Carry up to five pairs of skis or four snowboards on the back of your vehicle — enough for your entire crew.

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Product Details

EXO SnowBank

Product Details
  • Connects to the EXO SwingBase or EXO TopShelf in seconds using the EXO cleat system
  • Carries 5 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards
  • DoubleJoint hinge expands for easy use with thick skis and boards
  • Large button makes it easy to open with gloves or mittens on
  • Tool-free, locking SpeedKnobs attach and lock EXO SnowBank to EXO SwingBase or EXO TopShelf
  • Use SKS Locks included with EXO SwingBase or EXO TopShelf to lock skis and snowboards 
  • Fits skis up to 185 cm long on most standard width vehicles
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Requires EXO SwingBase and/or EXO TopShelf

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EXO SnowBank


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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Road grime = Trashed skis/boards

      Although convenient and conceptually nice, this rack is a practical disaster. It will cost you way more time and/or money removing rust from your edges than you payed for the rack.

      EXO Snowbank

      The EXO system is a great concept for a 2-1 rack we needed for a bike & ski rack. Mechanical & functionality, as a whole is great. What I’ll warn you about is the unprotected nature of your skis on the Snowbank. Works fine in dry road conditions, but once you hit slushy/wet roads, with the accompanying salt & sand, look out. A half day trip in those conditions produced not only ice encrusted skis, but rust on metal rails of brand skis & a length cleaning process