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SkyRise Medium, Green

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Light, strong, and technically advanced, the new SkyRise rooftop tent is crafted from the materials we know and trust. The 210D nylon is light and breathable with mesh panels for ventilation and star gazing. The weather-shedding rainfly has a waterproof PU coating and for warm, clear evenings, leave it off for a faster set-up and a wide-open view.

WARNING for California Consumers
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Product Details

SkyRise Medium, Green

Product Details
  • Provides room for three and fits a variety of vehicle shapes and sizes.
  • Easy to pitch design means less work and more play
  • Thick, 2.5” wall-to-wall foam mattress provides cushy comfort
  • Mattress includes removable cover for easy cleaning
  • Made from the same lightweight and breathable materials as backcountry tents - 210D nylon
  • All windows and the two skylights have solid and mesh panels that zip open to improve ventilation and provide a view of the starry skies
  • 210D nylon rainfly with PU coating protects you from the elements
  • Aluminum poles are light, strong and pre-set to make pitching a breeze
  • Tool-free vehicle mounts means it’s easy to put on and quick to take off
  • Locks to roof rack with SKS Lock Cores (included) for added security
  • Ladder and all hardware are included for easy set up
  • Open Dimensions: 56" x 96" x 48" High
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Product Specs
  • Weight: 115.00 lbs.
  • Dimensions: L 58.00 in x W 48.00 in x H 16.50 in
  • Minimum Crossbar Spread 26.00in
  • Maximum Crossbar Spread 40.50in
  • Limited Two Year Warranty

SkyRise Medium, Green


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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Trustworthy, comfy, no doo dads.

      I've bought the SkyRise tent almost four years ago now, so here's the review I wish I saw before I bought.
      The pros:
      This tent is a fraction of the cost of other rooftop tents on the market. The metal frame which becomes the base of the tent is sturdy and reliable, the fabric is still just as waterproof as the first use (the rainfly has withstood some pretty hefty storms and kept me nice and dry), the ladder collapses and extends just as well now, the cover fits and stays secure just as well now, and the mattress is just as comfortable. THE best part about this tent imho is the clear window on the rainfly which goes over the mesh window above your head. YES, Yakima! This is the kind of thoughtful wizardry that's so appreciated. I'm not sure how this tent stacks up against others in terms of gas mileage, but I've noticed that this cover stays fairly tight to the tent instead of ballooning up on the road like a few other brands do. Also, it really is comfortable and spacious inside. My partner, me, and our German Shepherd fit with room to spare. I expect to use this tent for many more years without problems.
      The cons:
      I will say that every downfall I've noticed about this tent is more of an inconvenience than a pitfall. First, it takes significantly longer to set up than other RTT. I've got long legs and arms, but this tent requires my furthest reach and wonkiest maneuvering around the roof of my car to set up and take down. The cover is easy enough to unbuckle and rip off the velcro, but the straps to roll it up into are pretty short so it takes some work. The ladder is secured by a velcro strap and then needs to be pushed out from the top so that it can be pulled to open the tent up. This is one of the awkward movements. One weird thing: the middle of the tent where the top and bottom meet when it opens up are covered by two flaps of fabric, but are more or less open, 5-inch gaps on either side of the tent. Not a big deal, but I think it needs a better solution.
      My biggest qualm is the poles for the rainfly. These puppies are HIGH tension between the tent frame and the rainfly grommet. First, it goes through an opening in the tent and into a tiny hole in the frame, then it needs to be bent (like what, 90 degrees?) to stick the other end in the rainfly. I cannot tell you how awkward this is to do at this height and in these certain positions. Sometimes it's easiest to do from inside the tent, but I'm still figuring out the most efficient strategy to get these guys set up. LMK if anyone has a good method! Another thing I saw in reviews before I bought the tent, which unfortunately is true: the black rubber ends will fall off the rainfly poles the first time you use them. And yes, they're nice and sharp underneath. My last inconvenience with this tent: the ladder needs to be straight up and down, or the edges hurt your feet :) Also, in reverse, it's just as awkward to take down.
      One reviewer says this tent is not heavy--I don't know how heavy other tents are, but to get this on and off a car you need two very strong, tall people, or four normal people. Not a huge thing, and I'm glad she's sturdy, but definitely NOT light.
      I love this tent. It is part of my personality. It will be with me for many years. But I hope yakima makes some adjustments to the next version to make setup and takedown a lil less awkward. Also @yakima! Can you make a dog attachment for the ladder? Perhaps a lil ramp?

      Superior to all others ...

      I have tried several other vehicle-top tents, one of which was twice the cost of the Skyrise and twice the weight. We had to return both of these competitor tents due to defects (seam sealing tape delaminating after only ten field days, bent parts, etc.). The Skyrise 'medium' is perfect because it: 1. Is the right weight - not too heavy - not too light - as in you and your partner can mount and dismount the tent from your car without too much effort - something you will NOT be able to do with any other car top tent. 2. Is just enough space for two adults. 3. Is easy to set up and take down. 4. Is well made - after several years of use and storage now, it is still perfect. 5. Has Yakima's lifetime warranty - something you will not likely ever need to use. 6. Handles storms and rains like a champ - and that is coming from someone who use to own and use one of Todd Bibler's original I-tents for mountaineering from the 1980s.

      Overall a decent tent

      After a few trips you can notice a few quality flaws when compared to other tents, but bear in mind this is entry level price youre paying. For two years nothing has broken, and its relieving to see the amount of spare parts available on the website. Cons- mattress reminds me of going to youth camp, not great but its ok. My wife and I add a one inch memory foam on top and it dramatically improves sleep quality. Once its set up you're stuck where you are. The tent is a head turner, and every time we camp at family friendly places at least half the campground will stand outside your site and stare. "How does it work?" "Is it comfortable?" "So is the ladder supporting that side?" "Interesting, never seen anything like it." Pros- you can set up nearly anywhere. My wife and I slept in the parking lot of Mount Rushmore after driving all night. Setup takes less than five minutes when you get the hang of it. There's some comfort and security in knowing you're sleeping off the ground. Excellent choice for road tripping. Recommendations- Keep at least two windows open to prevent condensation in chilly weather. Bring a level and some boards as the ground you park on is sometimes uneven.