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Tonneau Kit 1

Adapter Kit For Select Tonneau Covers

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Now you can haul a ton of gear without sacrificing the security of your covered bed. This kit adapts Yakima’s OverHaul HD™ and OutPost HD™ truck rack systems to work with the integrated tracks on Retrax XR Series, Embark LS  and Pace-Edwards UltraGroove (except for 2004+ F-150) tonneau covers. So you can enjoy the advantages of both a retractable tonneau cover and an overbed truck rack. 

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Product Details

Tonneau Kit 1

Product Details
  • Specifically designed to fit Retrax XR series, Pace-Edwards UltraGroove (except 2004+ Ford F-150), and Ford Embark LS tonneau covers
  • Engineered to work seamlessly with our OverHaul HD and OutPost HD truck rack systems
  • Securely carry 300 lbs. of gear on-road and up to 180 lbs. off-road
  • Build to last, with aluminum and corrosion-resistant hardware
  • Integrated SKS (Same Key System) locks to secure your rack system to the tonneau cover
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Tonneau Kit 1

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 11 reviews
      Custom bolts

      Didn't use the bolts provided in the yakima kit, they were loose when used with EGR Rolltrac. Got custom bolts machined to fit snugly. These should improve the low off-road rating. From what I can see the Bed Track Kit 2 rubber pads can be cut to fit if anyone is struggling to find the Tonneau Kit 1 in-stock online just buy the Bed Track Kit 2 rubber pads instead.

      jeff lambert
      Found this part 08/24/2022

      Just received this part on 9/1 thanks to an earlier poster. Titan Truck had a good supply when I ordered on above date.
      Good Luck

      Hope it is as good as the wait

      To those still looking for this part (I searched a long time) - Titan Truck had them in stock as of this past Friday and I received mine today. Hope that helps.

      Mike Ellett
      Back orders

      Several stores in Canada have this item. You’ll have to set up shipping and pay a little more, but if you need it quick like I did then that is the route to take

      Jordan Walker
      Please, Please, Pretty Please

      I was looking forward to getting my truck all set up for a fishing trip and really need the Tonneau Kit 1 part. I called in March and was told that maybe by May or June they would be back in stock. Any word? Tried to call the help line today but everyone in the department was out sick. Could someone contact me with an update?

      What’s holding Yakima back?

      It’s just few screws and two rubber pieces and Yakima is selling it for $150 but I guess it is still not enough motivation for you guys to make more of them! I spend thousands for the tent, bed cover, and Yakima overhaul system now it’s all useless because I don’t have these overpriced “tonneau kit” which should come with the rack system for free.

      Shawn Bowers

      Spent ~$1K on overhaul HD system to be waiting for this mystical part… is there ANY projected availability date?? Yakima??


      I too would like to know when this item will be back in stock. I don't want to buy this rack system until kits available as no other sites have them.

      Back order

      When will this kit be back in stock??? I've bought a retrax and overhaul HD system not knowing this kit is nowhere to be found.

      Worth Every Penny

      You can buy the HD with the mounts you need. Later when your situation changes you can buy the mount to fit your new needs.... which is pretty awesome.