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HoldUp EVO

Premium Tray Hitch Bike Rack

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Fast, secure, and easy to use, the HoldUp EVO is built to handle new bike standards, like fat tires and boost hubs, but it easily carries the classics too. The StrongArm hook secures the bikes at their wheels, protecting carbon frames and painted surfaces. Tilt the rack with bikes loaded for quick rear-of-vehicle access using the new easy to reach tilt lever and KickStart™ foot pedal. The super-simple locking SpeedKnob™ makes install a tool-free breeze and included SKS bike locks keep your mind at ease.

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Product Details

HoldUp EVO 1.25”

Product Details
  • Hitch mounted tray rack that loads quickly and carries two bikes without frame contact
  • Easy-access tilt mechanism and KickStart™ foot pedal make raising and lowering the rack a breeze, even with bikes loaded
  • Tool-free locking SpeedKnob™ makes installation and removal fast, easy and secure
  • StrongArm hook secures bike at wheels, protecting painted surfaces and carbon frames
  • Easily adjust trays to reduce bike-to-bike interference
  • Fits most bikes, including fat-tire, mountain, road, hybrid, women’s specific, BMX, kids’ bikes, & E-bikes under 50 lbs.
  • Accommodates disc brakes, through axles, boost hubs, and full suspension bikes
  • Fits 20” to 29” wheel sizes and tires up to 4.8” wide
  • Accommodates bike wheelbases up to 48”
  • Integrated SKS (Same Key System) locks included for added bike security
  • Available in two sizes: 1.25” hitch receivers & 2” hitch receivers
  • Carry four bikes – just add the HoldUp EVO +2 (compatible with 2” version only)
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HoldUp EVO 1.25”

Installation Details
  • No Assembly Required
  • 10 Minute Install
  • 1 1/4" Hitch Receiver Required
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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 17 reviews
      Doesn't fit 27.5 x 4.5 fat tire bike

      I have fat tire bike with 27.5 x 4.5 tires. Unfortunately I need to let air out of the front tire for the hold-down to be able to swing over the tire. Advertised to fit 26"-29" up to 4.8 wide. Should change advertising specs to be accurate. Rack works for my other bikes. Sturdy and easy to use.

      You Bike rack saved my car my bikes and possibly my life.

      I got rear ended by a drunk driver going 60 in a 35 On Oct 31st 2020. Not only did the bike rack impale the drivers radiator put his car to a stop shortly after he ran away, but it also took almost all of the impact. Unfortunately... I'm out of a brand new rack that I just bought and really loved. :( I will continue to buy your product in the future due to their sold and reliable product. THANK YOU Yakima! -KEVIN

      HoldUp EVO use with fat tire bike

      I bought a new fat tire bike with 27.5 x 4.5 tires. Disappointed to learn that I need to let some air out of the front tire for the hold-down to be able to swing over the tire. Advertised to fit 26"-29" up to 4.8 wide. Happy with other aspects of the rack.

      Poor quality parts

      I haven’t been impressed with the stability it provided my bikes. When not in use the trays move around and hit the back of your vehicle. Yesterday, the plastic tray broke off and the metal bent. After two months of use, I find myself looking for another bike rack. I’ve always gone with Yakima, however I’m now looking elsewhere.

      Unfortunate Design Flaw

      This is a great rack except for a pretty obvious design flaw that has appeared in my rack and my roommate's, so it seems like a common problem. The front wheel cradle rotates down into place and back up to the folded position. It rotates around an axle. On either side of the cradle arms where they meet the axle is a plastic spacer of some kind, which is supposed to stay in place (there are notches to hold it in place) while the cradle rotate freely around it. The plastic spacers actually insert into hoops on the metal cradle arms (see photo). Well, these plastic spacers tend to bind to the metal hoops, meaning that when the cradle is rotated, the plastic spacers rotate with it. They are therefore forced out of the notches that are supposed to hold them from rotating, which causes them to pop outward, and actually the plastic piece on the end of the axle pops off. or in one case it shredded off the notches. I completely disassembled them, lubed them with silicone, but the design is such (plastic inserted into the metal hoops that aren't exactly round) that they still tend to bind. One of the spacers actually got shredded and was ruined, while the other pops off the end. As I said, the exact same thing happens with my roommate's rack. This seems like an easy thing to re-engineer and fix! Yakima customer service is great and they sent me a new rack on warranty but the new one does the same thing. I gave the old one to my daughter and while they still function, it is annoying. We have three Holdup EVOs all doing the same thing!

      Great bike rack in theory, but not properly built

      I'm going to start out by saying that I love the concept of this bike rack. Hitch-mounted, tray racks are awesome for easily and securely carrying a wide variety of bikes. And Yakima made a rack which is easy to install and use. However, due to some design oversights, they have not engineered the highest quality product, so after 9 months of light to moderate use, my HoldUp Evo has broken. I purchased the rack at the end of September 2019 to transport my full-suspension mountain bike, and I used it about 5 times before winter came and I stopped biking for the season. I stored my bike rack inside my garage all winter long. In May 2020, when biking season came back around, I started to use the rack again. I used it about 12 times in May with no issues, and then decided to take the rack on a road trip across the US for approximately 4 weeks. Normally I take the rack off of my car after each use, but for the road trip both the rack and 2 bikes were living on the back of the car. About 2 weeks into the trip, after a day of riding, I was unfolding my rack to put the bikes back on and I heard a pop. A plastic piece fell off the bike rack, and after some investigation I discovered that it was the through axle used for rotating the front basket and wheel-holder of the rack. I am not quite sure how this happened, because I was unfolding the rack as I always do and did not encounter anything unusual in the process, such as resistance to rotating. So now I was halfway through a road trip with 2 bikes and a bike rack which was half-broken. Using some duct tape I was able to successfully limp the rack through the rest of the trip. When I got home I disassembled the rack to see what actually happened to it, and I found some frustrating oversights in the design of the rack. Most of this bike rack is constructed using metal components (not clear on what material is used, maybe a steel or aluminum alloy), which are a bit heavy and seem quite robust. However, there are a few key components which Yakima opted to construct using plastic (also not clear what exact materials, but some hard plastic), and I am not sure why these parts were chosen to be plastic as opposed to metal. The most obviously flawed piece is the plastic through axle which broke on my rack. This is a crucial piece for proper and safe functioning of the bike rack, but it is not very strong. As mentioned, the front wheel basket and wheel holder rotate around this piece to fold up and store, and this piece also holds the wheel basket and wheel holder together with the main beam of the bike rack. It is approximately 3/4" in diameter. Additionally, there is a roughly 1/2" hole drilled directly through this plastic piece perpendicular to the direction of the axle, where a bolt slides through to hold the through axle in place. You don't need to be an engineer to understand that drilling such a large hole through this piece will compromise its integrity, and therefore reduce the material's overall strength. Well, right along this hole is where my through axle sheared into two pieces (see picture). I understand the concept of using plastic as a replacement material for easier construction and weight savings, but for such an expensive, heavy, and seemingly robust bike rack, this was not a smart design choice. Additionally, there are plastic pieces used to fit the front wheel basket onto the main support piece. When the plastic through axle broke, part of these plastic pieces also sheared (see red circle in picture), which illustrates another poor material choice for more important moving pieces on the rack. These two parts are some of the only plastic used on the rack (aside from less integral parts), which begs the question as to why they are plastic. I try to keep my bike rack as clean as possible, and I always wash it and lubricate the moving parts after use (as Yakima recommends for their racks). Somehow this rack still managed to break in under a year though. I have called to request new parts to fix the rack, but honestly I think that I will be replacing these pieces with some custom built metal alternatives, to avoid having this issue in the future. For a $550 bike rack, I honestly expected higher quality construction and a longer life.

      Good quality, but know your vehicle/bike compatibility

      Overall the HoldUp EVO is a well built rack, sturdy and functional. I am using the rack for trail/DH mountain bikes with varying 150 - 160 travel. While the rack does hold them, the rear tires are about as far back on the plastic tire tray as I'd ever want them to be, and an adjustable option to move that tray more centered on my rear tires would be an excellent addition, give some peace of mind when driving. One negative, the inner tray on my rack does not have the proper clearance for my handle bars and they pinch against my rear window. I drive a Jeep Patriot, which has a more square body shape. There are options to extend my hitch, but in researching hitch racks I never came across any reviews with this issue, so hopefully this keeps someone from experiencing the same problem.

      Great rack...horrible bike protection

      This is my second Yakima bike rack. My first one was the full swing that held four bikes. I love the compact size of this one as well as how easily it is to hook up. It takes very little time to attach it and have my bike/s mounted. My only complaint is that the cable is only long enough to secure the fork of the bike. Which any nice bike will have a quick disconnect front tire so it seams pointless. I’m very disappointed that the engineers didn’t try it on pretty standard 29” mtb’s. Also I expected it but it doesn’t tilt enough to gain access into my 4Runner. I have a XL bike frame and wide handle bars. I believe most people won’t have issues with this and love how easy it is to tilt as well as prop up the rack when not in use. So they completely dropped the ball on being able to properly secure my bike (I can’t believe this wasn’t addressed prior to production). Everything else is two thumbs up though. Buy. Then buy an additional cable. Enjoy.

      Best Bike Rack on the Market

      Like the title says. This is the best hitch-mounted bike rack you can buy on the market right now. I work in the bike industry and have tried similar racks from other companies such as the Kuat NV 2.0 and the Thule EasyFold XT and this rack is the best by far. The quality, reliability, and practicality that Yakima offers with their products far surpass what the competition offers. This rack is perfect for: mountain bike trips to the mountains, transporting all your bikes and your friend's bikes to a road race, taking your kids to mountain bike practice and everything in between. I have owned mine for a few years and have had zero complaints. Could not recommend more highly.

      Great Rack for No Worries Getting Out!

      I recently bought this rack for all the adventures I wanted to take my bike with me. Having young kids, it's great that it fits 20" bikes. It would be great if there was an accessory to carry 16" bikes, but they don't stay small for long so no worries there. I love how solid the mount and tilt are, but I wish there was more than one tilt setting as it doesn't open far enough with certain handle bar options. I have a 4 Runner and Tundra and each vehicle works great with this rack. I have taken it from Northern California to Southern California without even a wiggle, I would suggest to tighten the SpeedKnob with a slip wrench and never think twice about it getting loose. Hope the additional HoldUp Evo2 works just as good when it is time to step up to 4 bikes in the back!