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Light, strong, and always ready to roll, the SingleSpeed hitch rack is built for solo travel.Ready for any kind of bike - road, mountain, fat, or BMX - the StrongArm hook ensures your bike is secure and protected, holding the bike tight by the wheels, and babying those carbon frames and painted surfaces.The locking SpeedKnob™ makes install a breeze & an integrated SKS bike lock is included to keep your two wheeler secure. 

WARNING for California Consumers
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Product Details


Product Details
  • Lightweight, hitch mounted tray rack that carries one bike without frame contact
  • StrongArm hook secures bike at wheels, protecting painted surfaces and carbon frames
  • Tool-free locking SpeedKnob™ makes installation and removal fast, easy and secure
  • Folding wheel cup and compact design keeps the rack out of your way when not in use
  • Fits most bikes, including fat-tire, mountain, road, hybrid, women’s specific, & BMX
  • Accommodates disc brakes, through axles, boost hubs, and full suspension bikes
  • Fits 20” to 29” wheel sizes and tires up to 4.8” wide
  • Integrated SKS (Same Key System) lock included for added bike security
  • Fits both 1.25” & 2” hitch receivers right out of the box
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Installation Details
  • No Assembly Required
  • 5 Minute Install

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 11 reviews
      Jeremy Hase
      Great overall rack

      The only down side to this rack was the security cable that is only long enough to secure the wheel and not the frame. The complaints about the plastic pin holding the rear tray on are absurd to assume something "might break" because it is plastic. Use the rack properly and it won't be a problem.

      Could have been great

      Three things keep this rack from being a great rack. 1) The bolts are just barely long enough making it difficult to start them into the threaded hole. 2) The same bolts have a security feature requiring a special wrench, which is supplied, but the instructions specify 15 nm torque and the supplied wrench can't be used with a torque wrench. 3) The plastic button that holds the safety pin to the rack is very weak and easily broken. These defects could have easily been corrected - why not do so?

      Good rack, with 3 issues it shouldn't have.

      3 stars for basic, simple, e-z to use rack. Would give 5 except for: Cable is too short to wrap around the frame. More serious: the rear tire cup depends on 2 plastic pins to stay put. Mine has the upgraded pins (the pin's round head has a flat spot). These shouldn't be plastic. I understand the lower priced racks get lower quality parts but if the cup came off the bike could fly off and cause an accident, besides ruining the bike. At least the e-z fix is to install a steel bolt w/nylon lock nut. Also serious: the "security loop" welded to the mount underneath, is about 3/16" thick. This cheap design renders a high quality chain lock almost useless if you pass the chain through the loop. Just cut the loop with basic bolt cutters and remove the 4 mount bolts, bike and chain gone. Also, the odd triangle shape of the loop won't allow some chains to fit through because many chains have a housing over the end of the chain. So the fix here is to buy a more expensive 6 foot chain that will reach the beefier security loops on your trailer hitch and still wrap around your bike's frame. I can only assume the too-thin loop is another compromised feature because the customer didn't spend $600 on a better rack? (That's assuming the more expensive racks have thicker loops?) Buying a $279 rack means you get a rack with poor security deliberately designed into it? Great message you're sending, Yakima.

      Good enough for the price

      Pro: Loading my bike into my SUV everyday so I could hit the trails after work was getting too much of a hassle, so I wanted something simple that I could load my bike onto quickly, but also something that wasnt so big (like a 2 or 3 bike carrier) that it made backing up much more difficult or impeded access to my trunk. This fits the bill perfectly. It is nice that with the 'SpeedKnob', it it locks itself the the hitch - so I leave the rack on my car most days and don't worry much about. It's super easy to load on and off, and folded up it easily fits into my trunk if I'm getting a car wash. The rack is not bomb proof, but it does the trick for a 25lbs mountain bike. I've taken the rack and my bike down some rough roads and it bounces around a fair bit but I would be surprised if anything happened. Con: As others mentioned, the locking cable isnt very long, so I can only get it through rim and between the fork stantions of my MTB - wouldve been nice to get it through frame too. Also, the cable itself is maybe 0.25'' thick, so it would be really easy to cut through. I think it's good enough for just running into a store real quick, but definitely not for hours in the city.

      Good rack needs some improvement

      I like the rack, as mentioned early, cable is just a little short. Other thing is that I wish the single speed rack would fold up. It's a knee burster, especially when it's on back of a truck

      Am I missing something ?

      Bought this rack to mount my carbon fiber road bikes. I have a camper van and want to bring my bike with me when I travel. When I mounted my bike with disk brakes the front arm rests on the hydraulic tubing that controls the front brake. When I put my bike with rim brakes on it it contacts the brake assembly. As anyone who has one of these knows , the bike bounces around on the rack. I have my bike on my car for thousands of miles every year. I can’t imagine it won’t damage the brakes or something else. I have a Yakima HighRoad that mounts on the roof of my SUV that works great. I expected this to work as well. I’m disappointed.

      light and sporty

      Overall the rack works well for a carbon fiber frame that needs a no-touch rack design. That said, the rear tire tray that holds the back of the bike to the rack is held onto the rack with two plastic pins that annoyingly work their way out while driving. I arrived at a trail-head to find the rear tire tray ready to detach from the rack with only one pin left hanging halfway out of the tray. As for the locking cable, others have mentioned that is a little short. I have no problem getting the cable around my frame, but I agree that a little more length would be nice so that I can also lock the carbon fiber front wheel at the same time. A cable extension as an accessory option that also reaches the rear wheel would resolve the cable length issue.

      Needs improvement

      Rack is easy enough to use and functional once the bike is mounted, however comes with some design flaws. As mentioned in the earlier review the locking cable is not long enough to secure to the frame of the bike, which allows the bike to be easily stolen if the front tire is removed. Also worth mentioning, this WILL NOT fit a 27.5" fat tire bike unless you either take the air out of the front tire and refill once the bike is mounted, or by removing the locking pin and removing the end cap on the swing arm in order to pull the sliding tire catch out far enough to be able to fit over the tire. If the swing arm was designed to be a few inches longer it would solve this problem and you could also fit a longer cable in the tube that could possibly reach the frame. Good enough bike rack but frustrating to have to improvise ways to both mount and secure the bike to a brand new rack that is designed to do so.

      Simplification, Elegant, Simplicity, Easy, Fast, In & Out

      Awesome, simple rack from installation to day to day use with a very small footprint, weight, and most importantly does not block the rear view camera which my fiancee absolutely needed fully functional with zero interference . At the same time and if I had to at least point out one con or caveat, it would be the option of folding it back up so that the length of the car with the rack folded up could be even shorter. I've been a long time loyal customer of Yakima, best way to determine future behavior is by past performance, and I've never had an issue with any of my past Yakima products, so based on this I'll go ahead and leave quality with a 5 star rating, and will update my review if this turns out not being the case in terms of quality and reliability.

      good rack needs a little help

      I have this rack for when Im just totting around my bike. the rack is great my only complaint is that the rear wheel mount is plastic and I have only used the rack about 5-6 times and it already looks like it is getting loose and going to break over time. I wish it was made out of aluminum.