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TimberLine Towers, 4 pack, 2016-2022

Roof Rack Towers For Vehicles With Raised Side Rails

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Extend your capacity - the TimberLine attaches to factory racks with raised side rails to expand your carrying capacity and deliver maximum rooftop versatility. Secure and super-sleek, they are quiet, simple to install and work with all of our bars.

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Product Details

TimberLine Towers, 4 pack, 2016-2022

Product Details
  • Complete set of 4 TimberLine Towers
  • Advanced tower architecture is sleek, strong and quiet
  • Works with JetStream, CoreBar and RoundBar crossbars
  • Strong, durable stainless steel strap to accommodates a range of rails
  • Maximum load rating of 220lbs (100kg), depending on vehicle and bar rating
  • Easily locks to you vehicle with our SKS system (sold separately)
  • RoundBar SL Adapter required to use Yakima’s RoundBar (sold separately)
  • HD Bar SL Adapter required to use Yakima’s HD Bar (sold separately)
  • Find the right bar style and length to fit your needs
  • Compare four crossbar styles and features to learn more
Product Specs

TimberLine Towers, 4 pack, 2016-2022

Installation Details

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 8 reviews
      Universal for all cars at home

      We bought these since all 3 cars at home have raised crossbars. '03 yukon, '13 lexus rx350, '19 impreza. I was afraid that since the rubber strap below does not allow the brackets to sit directly on the edge of the roof rails, it would generate noise. I was wrong. Even with the air gap on the outside of the roof rails, there is no noise coming from the crossbars. I have used this for a long family trip, 48hrs on the highway, and held really well. We have 50" and 70" jetstream crossbars to go along, to interchange as needed for each vehicle.

      Not a replacement for the Railgrab towers

      I had hoped to use these on round rail bars on a pickup bed, I've done this before with the older model Railgrab towers. Unfortunately the Timberline's do NOT work well for this application. The problem is that the old Railgrab towers by their nature pulled the bar it mounts to into the curved end of the tower, this provides more stability and security as you get significantly more clamping surface area contact. The Timberline though has you just center the bar, so it only gets a bit of contact from the top of the tower and the bottom from the strap. If you have a oblong shaped roof rack bar it probably works okay, but for a round bar like a truck bed rail the Timberline does not hold well at all. Worse yet, it sticks out farther with lots of small air gaps which create a lot of wind noise, and it just looks worse sticking out wider with gaps.

      Cory G
      Excellent Versatile System

      The Timberline towers are awesome. Paired with the Jetstream System I carry everything from the skybox 12, my fishing kayak, and two paddle boards for the family. We frequent the lake and beach and this system helps me take all the toys we want. I know everything is always secure and I don't second guess it. Love this system and the customization it offers for factory rails. Thanks Yakima!

      Know what your buying first

      We bought a set of timberline towers to replace a set of rail grabbers that were stolen a year ago. We were excited to get the new high tech towers and the aero cross bars. After that it went down hill. We got the towers on the truck as directed with the instructions. Tightened them down as instructed with the included torque wrench. Left in on the roof for a day. When we came out to put the bike mounts on the rack we noticed that the Timberline towers had actually crushed the roof rack. Basically it squeezes them so tight the rail slot collapsed. We contacted support and their reply was basically, That's just how they are designed, there is nothing we can do about them. Well, since they were brand new we just decided to return them. Well you cant without all the original packaging and bags and fliers that come with the rack they wont accept it as a return. I have owned Yakima for 30 years. We counted today, we have had a total of 5 different Yakima systems. The last two that we bought over the past 9 months have been a total failure in design and application. No matter what you do, make sure you know what your buying and have seen them in person before you bother with it. Somewhere someone at Yakima is missing the point. Quality and customer service need to come before changing things just to make changes. The rail grabber system worked perfectly. Now I have a rack I cant use and will have to dump it online somewhere and pick up older mounts. Might be time to take a look at Thule....

      REI of Life

      Love it.

      Poor Instructions

      I followed the instructions and it tells you to assemble and fully tighten the metal loops for the corebar when you do this you end ip dragging the teeth on the paint and its very difficult adjust the tower locations. Unfortunately i did realize i could loosen theseadjust then tighten until 3 of 4 were on. Did yakima ever actually follow their own instruction manual to test. Now i'm stuck with damaged corebars and on top of that one of the rubber loops for the strap broke with minimal effort.

      Gret new clamping system

      I have an Audi wagon and always felt that the clips never fit the angle of the roof rails so I really love the way these strap under the rails. Added the JetStream crossbars and these fit great. Smooth air flow and no noise at freeway speeds so far. Great new system.

      Jack the rack guy

      Nice take on Thule's Crossroads design, one of the best out there. This Yakima design is equal to it perhaps a bit better when it comes to price. Easy installation, secure, and sturdy. Go for it if your rig has raised rails and you like to take your rack off often.