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Landing Pad


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If you have a vehicle with factory racks or rails, the Landing Pads are the foundation to start with. Pair with versatile SkyLIne Towers or Control Towers to make an easy and secure tower system. Each Landing Pad is custom made to fit the exact make and model of your car.

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Product Details

Landing Pad #1

Product Details
  • Designed to fit with SkyLine and Control Tower system for the easiest on/off roof rack in the industry
  • Each pad sold in a set of 2
  • Configure your vehicle and find out which Landing Pads fit your car
  • Includes a snap-on cover when not in use
  • Includes 4 metal “A” anchor plates 7/8” x 11/16” (Contact Yakima Customer Service for additional size anchor plates)
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Landing Pad #1

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 17 reviews
      Super Easy

      LP1 on a Taxa Camper. Does exactly what it should do. Also breaks exactly as it should. Wide rack barely caught a tree as I was backing into a spot at night. The LP cracked preventing any damage to the camper top, load, tower, and provided just enough resistance to signal a code brown and alert me that I had not done a good job scouting the site.


      Looking to get the landing pad 23 for my 2022 rav4 wondering if my control towers will fit these landing pads

      Looking for adapter round bar to bike rack

      Looking for adapter

      The pads lined up VERY poorly with my factory mounted"flush" side rails;

      had the same difficulties as a few others in using an Allen wrench to secure bolts not engineered with the needed precision on a project like this...furthermore, they don't inspire alot of belief in their reliability with the look and feel of them. STILL will give three stars because despite very poor execution on the mathematics regarding bolt fit, they still have not catastrophicly failed after 8000 miles with a large skybox mounted for the majority of those miles

      chris vanderlinden
      Landing Pad 19 for 2020 Expedition

      Fit perfect. The Expedition has three mounting spots (front middle rear). I purchased racks & towers 2nd hand but the landing pads I thought would be best purchased new since they're plastic. Fits our 20 CUFT cargo box perfect on the front & middle mounting spots. Looking to gather parts for the rear mounting spot so we can include our kayak. The Kayak is 13' so want to spread out the mounts to front & rear for stability. Skyline towers are great with the landing pads cuz the towers pop out when racks aren't needed; landing pads stay in place till the next adventure. Great design.

      Landing pad 23

      I am only partially satisfied with the landing pad. The front ones do not fit properly and I had to use my drill press to make room (in the plastic) for the bolt holding the rail to the roof of the Rav4 2021. They are not as sturdy and rigid as I was expecting.

      Jacob H.
      LP #24

      I have been waiting for the LP 24 to come in stock for my Tacoma. I was able to install it and set it up less than an hour. Installation was easy. Fit is ok. I like that I now have a permanent mount rather than the q clips.

      Perfect fit for 2015-2019 Suburu Outback

      Removal of the OEM rack and installation of the landing pads were easy. The mounts are well-constructed and secure solidly to the vehicle. We are using the medium length Yakima aero crossbars with a Thule Motion XT XL cargo box attached when traveling because it was important to have access to both sides when loading. The only complaint is that the landing pads mount closer together than the factory bars. Other than that, another great product from Yakima.

      Installation NOT 10 minutes....

      I just finished installing my Yakima Streamline System. In my opinion, installing the landing pads was the hardest part and took closer to an hour than it did "10 minutes". I'm still not even sure that I have the rubber cover on right. I had the hardest time seeing the pictures to know if the cover should be "tucked in" or if it should "line the outside" of the landing pad. I ended up "tucking in" because leaving the edge of the rubber outside of the landing pad left a bit of a gap between the rubber and my car rails - looked the opposite of "aerodynamic". The screws were also difficult to line up to the screw holes on the flush rails of my car. After installing the landing pads, the rest of the rack system was simple. It was a little bit time consuming to do everything correctly, but I think installing the Skyline Towers and JetStream Bars was much easier overall than the landing pads. Overall, I'm satisfied with my system and think they look really nice on my car. I'm very excited to use them for the first time!

      Deal Breaker

      It's not all about capacity for you Yakima engineers. Stability and weight distribution are equally important. 30" wont cut it for a heavy oversized rooftop tent. Was going to go with the landing pad 15 setup until I learned they will not mount to the rear-most points on the factory Subaru Outback side rails.