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EXO SwingBase

EXO Hitch System Base

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The EXO SwingBase takes your standard hitch and turns it into the ultimate foundation for hauling and organizing every piece of gear in your kit. It's the base to which all other EXO components attach. Simply leave it on your vehicle and change EXO components as your adventures adapt.

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Product Details

EXO SwingBase

Product Details
  • Swings away from car with gear loaded to provide easy access to rear of vehicle
  • Accessories install in seconds using the tool-Free EXO Cleat system and locking SpeedKnobs
  • Accessory arms fold in when not in use
  • Fits 2" hitch receivers only
  • Included HitchLock locks EXO SwingBase to vehicle
  • Includes 2 extra SKS locks cores for use with EXO accessories
  • Built-in bottle opener - cheers!
  • Create a second level on your EXO SwingBase with the EXO TopShelf (sold separately)
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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EXO SwingBase

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews
      Michael Killen
      Yakima Straightshot extender

      Hi Gary Dusza, did you consider the hitch extender? Or would that cut the tongue weight in half? I've been trying to get answers out of Yakima tech support. I ended up ordering Swing base from REI and was hoping for a different result than your video depicts. Didn't happen. Doesn't work. Kuat makes a 2" drop hitch extender but the weight rating is only 250lbs.

      JOSEF Biag
      NOT SECURE . . .

      Yakima stocks just started to come in Canada and was able to get mine this week.
      I love the modularity of it and it meets my needs for a 4-seasons adventure but they forgot to put a locking mechanism on the tongue and exo swing base.

      The option options to secure it are:
      1. weld it but not sure if it will still be under warranty
      2. use a chain/cable lock to secure it by attaching it your hitch receiver and the exo swingbase. ( this adds additional steps since you need to do it every time when you use the swing base and its accessories.

      not sure if there is a bolt & nut which is similar to the size that Yakima uses but longer and has a similar locking key of a hitch lock.

      I wish Yakima made one their bolt & nut a bit longer and can be locked with a hitch key or put a third hole (if structurally sound) and provided a hitch lock.

      I hope Yakima will find a way in having a solution for this design flaw to secure the tongue and the swing base since all you need is two 24mm socket wrench and your wing base and gear are gone.

      To Yakima design engineers, please let us know if you have a solution or if you can make a longer bolt & nut with lock key i will most likely buy one.

      Gary dusza
      Does not fit

      Does not fit the 2021 Ram promaster 3500 , the rear door door will not open when the swingbase is in any position. Many places such as Rack Attack don't have fitment guides and the yakima fitment site is apparently misleading also.

      aqer tren
      Love the idea, but...

      I don't own this. But I have thought about building a similar custom rack. But why create a new standard for the rails and attachment? Why not just have standard roof rails on it and allow us to install any of the existing ski, bike, etc mounts designed for the roof on the back of the car. I would be much more likely to invest in the mounts if I knew I could mount on the roof, or on a hitch system like this. So close to what I want...

      Olivier Yu

      great feedback from Steven Vetterdiaz -- I am wondering what do you mean to bend the spare holder, the reason is that I am getting my Subaru Wilderness and love the design of the EXO system.

      Steven Vetterdiaz
      EXO SwingBase with EXO GearLocker + EXO LitKit, nicest looking hitch mounted cargo box on the market

      In order to install the EXO SwingBase to my 2021 Subaru Outback Onyx (with OEM hitch), i had to bend (with pliers) the spare tire holder about half an inch back. The tailgate opens clearing the installed EXO GearLocker. It came with two matching lock cores. With a control key from Rack N Road i was able to switch out the core on the EXO GearLocker to match the EXO SwingBase making it a single key system (SKS). My Blind spot detection seems to work the same as well as the rear cross traffic alert. Backup camera has a view around the box which is nice too. Tail lights 100% visible but i opted for the additional EXO LitKit anyhow. Didn’t move my license plate as it is still visible as well. I don’t notice any noise when driving on the freeway, i made dividers with dollar store foam boards. Hope this helps as I don’t see many (if any) reviews so far.

      Judge.me YouTube video placeholder