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Premium Tilt-Away Hitch Rack

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Our premium tilt-down hitch rack comes fully assembled out of the box. Installation is a breeze with the AutoPin™and locking SpeedKnob™. New ZipStrips™make loading and securing bikes simpler than ever. Need to access your vehicle? Simply tilt rack down with the conveniently located UpperHand™lever.

Holds up to five bikes. 

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Product Details

FullTilt 5 Bike

Product Details
  • Fully assembled out of the box
  • Tool-free installation with locking SpeedKnob
  • AutoPin automatically positions and secures the rack into the hitch receiver
  • Fully padded arms for the ultimate in bike protection
  • UpperHand lever tilts rack down for vehicle access and folds it flat for easy storage
  • Arms fold down when not in use
  • Zero-hassle ZipStrips quickly secure bike to rack
  • SKS Locks included; locks rack and bike mounts
  • Fits both 1.25” and 2” receiver
  • Carries up to 5 bikes
  • Max 40 lbs per bike with a total max of 150 lbs
  • Available TubeTop™ (sold separately) is required for non-conventional, step-through, BMX, and kid’s bikes as well as some full suspension bikes.

Product Specs
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FullTilt 5 Bike

Installation Details
  • No Assembly Required
  • 10 Minute Install
  • 1 1/4" Hitch Receiver Required
  • 2" Hitch Receiver Required
Installation Video

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 28 reviews
      Could be better.

      I didn't really research this bike trailer before buying it. I say there are two weaknesses. For kids bikes, if they are small frame they will have a hard time fitting onto the bars. Even a larger bike with a step thru design is hard to place on the bars.

      The second problem is, I don't know why Yakima just didn't make the hitch connector a normal pin connector. The bike rack hitch has a spring loaded lock and it is secured by turning twist knob on the end that has a lock that disengages the knob for security. I don't like it. It feels insecure. It's never dropped, but I would have rather just have a hole to put a locking tow hitch.

      Rack is good, Yakima could do better though

      The package was heavily damaged on arrival and it seemed to be because of a sharp metal part of the rack in the box without any foam padding. The packing could have been better to avoid this because I believe many consumers might just return the package when they see it so heavily damaged. However, inside everything seemed intact so I gave it a try. All the videos made it seem like install is a breeze, not so much for me though since the safe speed knob system seemed to be just slipping without tightening the rack in the hitch. After trying for a while I decided to make a last ditch effort and tore the hardware package to take the key out. Once I turned the key in the knob, it started working as expected! I don’t know why they would ship it with the knob locked(and when it’s locked the knob turns freely). The rack itself seems sturdy and the tilt mechanism works perfectly.

      Difficult installation

      Difficult installation - maybe I’m an idiot, but I had difficulty with the installation. Do you really have to loosen the lock all the way in order to get it to fit in. Then I couldn’t figure out how far end is ago. I don’t know if the locking pin need to stick through the hole or not. I watch some YouTube videos but it’s not clear. All the video say it fits in like butter. But I’m having a different experience

      Not easy...

      Not sure how this would be a 5 bike rack...the struggle to get 4 is real specially when bikes are from different brands. It requires time, strenght and practice to feel like you made the right decision. Nobody told me I needed to buy additional cross member bars...now I have no choice.

      Nick Z
      Not bad, not great - would go with a different rack

      Definitely not a 4 bike rack - you will struggle to get even 3 adult mountain bikes and the racks moves around way too much for my liking. Some neat features but i definitely don't feel confident hauling my bike around

      Full tilt great for active families

      We have owned this for around three years now. The full tilt is a perfect bike rack for active families. My wife and have used it almost daily in that time loading and unloading every day. We had to buy two cross member bars for the smaller child bike and one mountain bike as the “triangle on these bikes is small. The clip system is great and the lock is perfect. We went Yakima all over the 2017 CRV so that the one key system opens the ski box, roof rack, bike rack etc. We are glad we didn’t go with the swing away as that would be more of a pain when loading groceries. It fits perfectly right in the 2” receiver and is not loose with the three bikes we load. We camp, ski, bike etc. Engineering is sound and has stood up perfectly to our high usage case. One suggestion for Yakima is to make the cross bars part of the lockable chain system (add a hole?) of the full tilt. Glad we paid for quality!

      Weighs A Ton / Tilt Lever Barely Works OOTB

      When I purchased /ordered my YAKIMA FullTilt 5 from the local bike shop I couldn't wait for it to arrive so I could mount it on my 2017 Forester. Unfortunately, the first rack the shop received was in a box that looked like it had been spun up inside a cement mixer, and when we took the rack out it was clearly damaged with a pair of puncture holes in the cylindrical plastic base housing. So the shop sent it back and ordered a replacement directly from YAKIMA (great shop BTW). Good news! The rack was in much better shape. Bad News! The rack weighs a ton and as a result is very difficult to mount (they show a female mounting the rack in the installation video but there's no way I'd expect my wife to safely manage that task). Beyond the weight the tilt lever barely works (real frustrating)! I have to pull it down several times in order to make it function. The only upside I see so far is that the rack arms appear to be well padded and the mounting mechanisms look well thought out and hopefully easy to use. Honestly, I wish I'd have ordered another brand. Now I have a repair issue to deal with right out of the box on a second order (nice).

      C’mon Yakima...

      I am a long time fan of Yakima products. I’ve had a Yakima rack on every vehicle I have owned since 2001. In 17 years of using Yakima products to haul my bikes I have not been disappointed until now. I bought a Fulltilt 5 in 2017 for a family biking trip in Utah. Loaded up 4 bikes on the 5 bike rack and left Oregon for a fun trip. Between Portland and Boise I thought there was a little more wobble in the rack than there should be so in Boise I took off all the bikes, and inspected the rack. Sure enough, the Speed knob adjustment seemed loose and the rack was shaking in the hitch. Tried to tighten it and the speed knob just slipped. Would not tighten down. Found a helpful guy at a Yakima dealer bike shop who did his best to help me tighten it so that we could get to Utah. Worried about the bikes the whole way and would not take the rack off out of fear I would t get it back on tight enough for the trip home. Got home to Oregon and called Yakima. I sent them videos of the problems and asked for a refund since I’d only used the rack once and it was defective. They did not want to refund and sent me a new speed knob. This did the trick, and the rack tightened up again. I used the rack a second time in early 2018 when I took my car in for some work so I could ride my bike home. It worked fine driving it 4 miles to the Toyota dealer with one bike on it. I figured the problem was solved and I had a faulty Speed knob originally. Fast forward to today, July 2018 - another summer family biking trip to NE Oregon, a five hour drive from Portland, much less driving than our Utah trip in 2017. I’m sitting here on the porch of our vacation rental fuming because the same thing has happened again. Speed knob is not allowing me to tighten the rack adequately, the rack is loose in the hitch, and instead of enjoying my vacation I am stressing about how I will safely get these bikes home when the time comes. Long story short, I should get more than two road trips out of a rack rated for 5 bikes that I am only carrying 4 bikes on. For the first time in 17 years of using Yakima products, I’m thinking it is time to consider other options.

      Feature or Flaw?

      I had high expectations for the Yakima FullTilt 5. Quality bike racks are not cheap, and I had to save for two years to even afford this purchase. I zeroed in on Yakima after having good experience with their RidgeBack 5 model. I opted for the FullTilt 5 because of the adjustable cradles and padded arms. After using the bike rack, I am completely disappointed. Going over what I would describe as a normal / medium bump in the road, I saw my bikes bounce violently up and down. This behavior repeated over and over again causing me to drive like a snail until I reached my destination. After unloading the bikes, and inspecting the rack, I found that there’s 4.5” of extra travel in the arms after being locked in the upward position. This causes the arms, and therefore the bikes, to travel upward at least 4.5” past the locked position while driving. I opened a support ticket with Yakima and provided a video of the arm movement while unloaded. The official response I received is that this extra slop is within tolerance and was purposely engineered into this model. I watched several video reviews of the FullTilt rack before making this purchase, including a few from etrailer. The videos depict a solid rack, and nowhere in the videos is this extra movement (feature?) referenced or displayed while the rack is maneuvered and operated. I feel the unit I received is defective, but no one will make it right. I feel dismissed by Yakima. I’m now out nearly $400 and left with a bike rack that I do not trust and can no longer use. If anyone is considering this model, please be aware of this ‘feature?’ and/or ‘flaw?’. I would not recommend this model to anyone.

      Eric B
      Decent Rack

      I bought this rack to make transporting 4 bikes easier. However, I have found out that trying to put two adult mountain bikes and two kids bikes on this rack is nearly impossible. I was so insanely frustrated by the 1st attempt that I almost put that darn thing on the side of the road for someone else. This is not a 4 bike rack. It's also very very heavy. I should have tried before I bought. Quite disappointed but it will have to do. Big investment...