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Yakima Partners with RootsRated

Date July 2, 2014

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In January of 2014, Yakima, along with 6 other outdoor industry brands, partnered with a startup called RootsRated in an effort to provide people with a resource that would make discovering the outdoors a lot easier & a lot more enjoyable than having to filter through mediocre search results online.

Brief History:

RootsRated was born from an epic 16,000 mile road trip. If you want a longer read, here’s the full story of how we got started.

The abridged version is that while we were on the road, we discovered a problem: finding the best outdoor experiences is not easy. The process of discovering a great local trail, or cycling route, or bouldering field, or whitewater hole remains a very word of mouth process. Information online is incredibly fragmented. Yelp reviews for where to get outdoors just don’t cut it.

Yelp Hiking Review

Unable to find quality information about outdoor experiences online through google searches, we sought out expertise from local outdoor gear shops and bike shops in communities around the country. Everyday, people walk into these shops and ask the outdoor industry’s most important question: “Where can I get outside around here?”

The best retailers have amazing answers to those questions, with real beta about where to grab a hike, or a ride, and also where to grab a burrito and craft beer afterward.

For a year we struggled to recruit retailers to create content with us. Every retailer we spoke with had a huge amount of expertise, but they, like the rest of us, were time-strapped. Writing and photographing great content wasn’t something they could allocate enough time to, and so we were limited in our ability to grow RootsRated.

That Brings us to Summer 2013:

We’d learned that in order to build RootsRated into something meaningful, we would have to work with professional writers to create the resource we envisioned. At Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, we met with Yakima, and they agreed to sponsor the editorial production of RootsRated in Portland. Thanks to Yakima’s sponsorship, we’re building a guide to Portland’s best outdoor experiences, always recommended by local experts and written by professionals. We’re also producing local stories around the events, people, and places that make Portland such an amazing place to live.

RootsRated Portland Guide.png

Each week, we’re going to be blogging with Yakima. You can expect stories about adventure & inspiration, as well as outdoor tips & ideas from local experts. We’ll mix it up and keep things fresh.

We hope you’ll follow along…And if you don’t see your city on RootsRated yet, hang with us, we’re adding new cities and new destinations all the time.

If you’re looking for outdoor experiences on the go, check out our iOS app, available for free in the App Store.

Announcing RootsRated iOS



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