August 2013

Backyard Collective

Why we love the Backyard Collective

Date August 28, 2013

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We’re a part of an awesome community, there’s no doubt about it. The outdoor industry is  great place to work and play. And what really makes it special is the number of people and organizations that are working to make this world a happier, healthier, and cleaner place.

We recently got outside with the Backyard Collective, a program run by one of Yakima’s non-profit partners, the Conservation Alliance.The Backyard Collective is all about bringing outdoor industry folks together for a day of rolling up our sleeves and working to improve our own backyard (for Yakima, that means Beaverton, Oregon) by cleaning up parks and forests.

Last week the Yakima crew had a great time at Forest Park in Portland getting reacquainted with blisters, callouses, and a little bit of sweat.

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