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Yakima Cannondale USA Pro Challenge

USA Pro Cycling Challenge

Date August 21, 2013

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The USA Pro Cycling Challenge is arguably the biggest race in the US, circumnavigating the state of Colorado and hitting every big climb it can find along the way.  Although the race is relatively young (going into its 3rd year) big time bike races are nothing new for Colorado with the likes of Red Zinger / Coors Classic.   With this year’s race two truths remain evident: Colorado loves its mountains and loves its bike racing.

Today we enter Stage 3 of 5, Breckenridge to Steamboat Springs, a stage that Bicycling Magazine calls a “mostly downhill” course with just 6,000 ft of climbing.  To put this into perspective, that is 20 football fields worth of elevation gain, in one of the flatter stages.  Ouch.

Colorado does indeed love its racing and is one of the few states where more people dress in costumes during this week compared to any other time of the year, including Halloween.

Our friends over at Castelli Cycling and Manual for Speed are doing a killer job with photos of the race.  If you don’t know Manual for Speed, they hold true to the age old saying, a picture is worth a thousand words.  Check out their stage one and stage two recap, especially the Hoosier Pass section of the stage 2 recap.

Tune into the race on TourTrack and be amazed by the sheer plethora of Yakima racks (we put nearly 200 racks on the 40 support vehicles). You can even win one by entering our #YakimaUSApro Photo Contest.


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Yakima USA Pro Cycling Challenge

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