October 2012

The perfect road trip pit stop, the Mystery Hole, on the back roads of West Virginia

The Mystery Hole | Road Trip Oddities

Date October 9, 2012

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Our first installment in the Road Trip Oddities series: The Mystery Hole.

In the heart of southern West Virginia, on the winding backroads of US 60 near the New River Gorge, lurks the Mystery Hole, a roadside attraction straight out of the 1950s.

The name–and the sign–say it all. The Mystery Hole is sensational. It’s baffling. It’s mysterious. Seeing is believing. The Mystery Hole defies physics.

These enticements to explore the inside of this aging, gorilla-topped quonset hut might be laughed off if it were not for one thing: Our need to know what’s inside, whether we’ll get b-movie cheese or genuine weirdness. Or maybe, just maybe, both.

The Mystery Hole prohibits cameras of any kind inside, so you’ll just have to visit and see for yourself.

The Mystery Hole, a roadside attraction on the back roads of West Virginia.


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