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Date July 9, 2014

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The primary purpose of this project is to explore, document, and publish a permanent, voluminous, wide-sweeping, and studied record of the State of Recreation in the summer of 2014.
For The Record, Recreation is essentially everything and anything that isn’t work, it’s the opposite of work, it’s leisure. It’s the what, the where, the how, and the who of what we do with our discretionary time, money, energy, etc. It’s also a biological and psychological imperative. We need to do it. Everybody does it.

While Recreation is an exceptionally ubiquitous and universal form of human expression, it’s not homogenous. In fact, there exist myriad forms, expressions, styles, modes, manifestations, permutations, etc. Because this is a survey, and because this project was initially conceived and further designed to explore and document the seemingly infinite varieties of recreation, we aim to catalog as many examples possible—if it’s Recreation and it’s happening in a public or nearly public space then it is within the purview of this project.

To that end Yonder Journal will spend the entire month of July deep inside America’s vast network of roads, campgrounds, State & National Parks, coastline, beaches, rivers, mountains, lakes, forests, deserts, valleys, small towns, fairgrounds, trail systems, gas stations, parking lots and similar, visiting as many different Recreational Activities in as many different Recreational Areas as possible in our effort to witness and subsequently memorialize leisure, however elusive or obvious.”

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