October 2012

Driving in the car with your amigo and a cup of joe. Perfect.

Road Trip Tools #35 – Coffee To Go

Date October 15, 2012

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Very unscientific studies show that coffee comprises about 50 percent of your diet when you’re logging 12+ hours on the road.

The other 50 percent? Better left unsaid.

And sometimes, no matter how many compadres are along for the ride, you may find yourself the only one awake, sitting at the wheel.

The lone captain of the highway.

And you’ll be wanting coffee. Good coffee, too.

So here are four easy ways to avoid coffee that tastes like ashes and looks like tea.

Camp espresso maker
Highlight: Quality espresso when you need it most.
Bonus: No mechanical parts to break.

French Press
Highlight: If you can push down, you can have coffee. It’s that easy.
Bonus: You can almost hear accordion music from Paris when you sip your coffee.

Pour Over Cone Filter
Highlight:Perfect for one person or a carload of friends.
Bonus: Easy to pack, use a mug or a pot.

Starbucks Via
Highlight: Tasty java in no time flat.
Bonus: We’d put super secret Via microcrystals up against whatever’s in that styrofoam cup at the gas station.

Don’t forget: grinding your coffee in advance and a way to boil your water.

Hot coffee from a thermos makes everyone smile.


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