September 2012

A well-equipped road kitchen can make eating on the road healthier and more fun.

Road Trip Tools #33

Date September 14, 2012

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Hitting the road? Here’s an idea: instead of hitting fast food joints and munching on gas station snacks all the way to your destination, take your own road trip kitchen so you can eat better and play harder.

But here’s the thing: You don’t have to take everything including the kitchen sink. Keep it light, fast, and ready to roll at all times.

Here are four essential road kitchen components:

Camp Stove 
Keys: durable stainless steel, collapsible, compact and easy to clean. Environmentally conscious chefs will opt for the white fuel variety over disposable propane canisters.

Keys: 2 quart sauce pan with heavy bottom and tight fitting lid; high quality non-stick skillet. Well-seasoned cast iron works well, too.

Quality cookware makes cooking that much easier.

Prep and clean-up kit

Prep kit Keys: cutting board, at least one sharp knife, a rubber/plastic spatula (especially if you’re packing non-stick), large spoon (wood, metal or plastic), an aluminum bowl (super durable and lightweight), a hot pad, a kitchen towel. Apron is optional.

Clean Up Kit Keys: dish soap and bleach (in film canisters if you can find them), scrubbies (plastic or metal), paper towels, and a collapsible water jug for low-flow dishwashing water.

Kitchen box:
Keys: tough container big enough to hold all your stuff  but not so big that you can’t lift it. Don’t forget essential dry goods (jars of steel cut oats, coffee and hot chocolate, and pancake mix, compact spice kit). To be uber-efficient, pre-measure your  ingredients and put them in individual containers .

Get all your ducks in a row with these tips and you’ll be master of the road, never worrying how far it is to your next meal again.


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