February 2013

McCall, Idaho: Tiny Titan of Potato Land

McCall, Idaho: Tiny Titan of Potato Land

Date February 7, 2013

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Idaho. You’ve got potatoes.

And crazy laws.

You can’t fish from a camel’s back. Can’t give someone a box of candy over 50 pounds.

Thank your lucky stars you also have McCall.

So you can do stuff like this when your camel’s out of commission.

And you can get your fun on all year long.

Winter Carnival and Brundage Ski Resort might convince you winter’s the most fun.

Actually, it’s  summer.  No wait, fall.

Man, this is hard.

Either way, it’s all good. If you can’t find some fun in McCall, you’re doing it wrong.

So get out there and have confidence that, after you’ve played fun hog for the day, there are plenty of noms to be had along with some tasty beverages to wash it down.


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