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Yakima Racks Fathers Day

Love (5 Things Dad *Really* Wants For Father’s Day)

Date June 14, 2013

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Father’s Day is here and here’s the thing, Dad’s want memories.

Here’s a list of 5 memories the outdoor Dad really wants for Father’s Day:

1. Homemade cards. Instead of a store-bought-whatever, get makers, crayons, and notebook paper. Make pictures. Write poems. Go to town.


2. Memories themselves. Here’s a cool project: For as many years old as Dad is, write a separate great memory on a piece of paper wether it is singing in the car, rafting trips, or road trips to Idaho. Seal each one in an envelope. Then dump them on the kitchen table and open each one together.


3. Food. Kids, make a cake. Decorate it yourselves.  The more kid-made it looks, the better. Bonus points: make a pie, too.


4. Day trip. Dad loves to get outside. We know this. Surprise him with a day trip to your closest get away. Plan the whole thing door-to-door, pack a picnic, load up the cargo box and go.  Bonus points if the cargo box is covered with flair.


5. Pics. Do you know how ridiculously easy it is to make a photo album and get it delivered to your door? Take an hour right now, find 20 pics, and get him a book that he’ll cherish forever.


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