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This is how we roll: bike commuting to work at Yakima

Date May 20, 2013

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Last week was National Bike To Work Week and in a perfect world we’d all keep the bike to work philosophy with us throughout the year. So we wanted to highlight someone who walks the walk every day, like James, Yakima’s Creative Director. James rides 28 miles to and from work every day, rain or shine (and remember, this is the Pacific Northwest). Last year alone James rode 6,219 miles!┬áJames says:

Riding continually reminds me of the freedom we choose as humans and it also serves as a great way to start the day and a good way to unwind from the daily stress. I’m not an automobile hater or a crusty earth hippie; I ride for the feeling of freedom. We often forget the feelings we have as kids to draw, play, and ride bikes. Rekindle your inner child, change your mood, hop on a bike once in a while.

What is your commute like to work? Why did you start bike commuting and why do you continue to commute?


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