November 2013


The best ski and snowboard racks

Date November 8, 2013

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May you have fresh powder, short lift lines, and an easy way to get your skis or boards to both of them.

- Ancient Proverb

Winter is upon us and it’s time to pony up and get ready for ski and snowboard season.┬áSo what’s the best roof rack to transport all that winter gear? The way we see it, you have a few pretty great options:

Fat Cat

The FatCat is about as badass as it gets. It holds up to 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards. Not only that, it just looks incredibly sexy:

The Yakima FatCat

The Yakima FatCat


Cargo Box

If you want to get really serious then check out our cargo boxes. In addition to spaciously carrying your skis and boards, these puppies can also be stuffed with all of your wet, snow-covered gear after a long day on the mountain, something your car (and friends) will greatly appreciate.

The Yakima SkyBox

The Yakima SkyBox

So wax up your sticks, grab your buddies, and hit the slopes. We hope to see you out there.