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35 | Video

Date May 3, 2013

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“I’ll remember riding my bike through the city streets at night, gravel roads that stretch on forever and all the highs and lows of family.

Standing in the middle of icy rivers wondering what it’s like to be a fish. Making pretty girls laugh. And friends. Of course my friends.”

35 is a film about dreams made by dreamers.

Watch, enjoy, celebrate.

Family 35


The full script can be found here.


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The Start Of Summer: Oregon Enduro Series #1


Bike To Work Instagram Contest Gallery

james bike

This is how we roll: bike commuting to work at Yakima

The Yakima HoldUP with four mountain bikes on it still  tilts down to access the trunk.

It’s National Bike To Work Week and we’re giving away a HoldUp!


Red Rocks, the Yakima HoldUp, and Friends.